Sunday, December 12, 2010


December 13, 2010
Yeah, Elder Hess is in my district and he's is such a stud! He got here and in two weeks the area more than doubled in teaching, new investigators and people preparing to be baptized. He really is one of the hardest working missionaries!

As far as an update on the suit...I haven't had time to get it looked at by anyone and i don't know if i trust any of the shops that I would take it to. I will probably bring it home and try and get it looked at by someone who I know knows what he's doing=)

THEY GOT BAPTIZED!!!! Mode's family just got baptized and let me tell you it was one of the greatest days of my life! like all baptisms in Thailand, everyone wants to be "Mr. Helpful" or "Mr. in change," so our poor investigators had the whole ward telling them what to do: "pictures first", "hurry and get dressed", "come in this room with me while we wait for everyone to set up the chairs", "Go upstairs the meeting is going to start"... The branch president is very new (he's been Branch president for a week) so I was trying to help him figure it all out and help him figure out the speakers, the songs, and who was going to pray. It’s enough to drive a man insane but through it all we got everything ready and they were baptized. and after it all the greatest part is that each of our investigators got to stand up and share their testimony's, it's an experience unlike any other, I wish so badly you all could have felt the spirit and the love in that room. They have a date to go to the Temple in a couple of years after their baby is able to travel; oh my, this truly is the greatest work in the whole world.

We had a breakfast, cooked by the Elders, in the home town of Brother Sakhaa this week. Thank goodness you taught me how to cook. We cooked pancakes, French toast, and eggs for everyone. The really surprising thing was that people didn't know how to eat them; we had to teach them how to put jam on the pancakes and stuff. It was great and the members loved it.
I love you so much and can't wait to talk to you in a couple of weeks

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