Sunday, December 12, 2010

Missionary work on the other side

November 22, 2010
Tara HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I can't even believe you’re so old. You’re almost old enough to get married! =0

This last week I added a new crazy-food to my list. We went to this food place on the side of the road and they had this new food that sounded a bit sketchy. At first I thought it was veil and I thought I’d give it a try. When it came to me and I saw it I instantly knew it was something else and I knew I wouldn't be able to eat it if i asked what it was, so we began to eat it. After a bite or two I couldn't eat any more. I went home and looked it up in my dictionary and realized I was eating a cow fetus...uhhh yeah.. I wouldn't recommend it if you ever get the chance!

We had a lesson this week with one of our families we are teaching whose mother died two weeks ago. It’s been a while sense we've been able to see them and finally this week we had an opportunity to see them again. They began telling us about how they were doing and then the father (Sutichai) said he had something to tell us. He said "in my mother’s final minutes with us she was laying on the bed and we were all around her she began going in and out of consciousness when she said "someone was coming to get me". I asked her who it was and she said "its two young white men", "Is it Elder" I asked and she didn't answer. Right after that she passed on to the other side." at that point me and my companion felt the spirit telling us, testify! We told her it's the missionaries on the other side coming to teach her and to prepare her to accept this gospel. It was a great and very spiritual experience for us all. I've been studying a lot about the plan of salvation and I’m so grateful for the knowledge that has been reveled through prophets that helps give us hope and faith for the future.

This week we had district conference here in Udon. Elder Chen from the seventy came and the districts from Laos and from a lot of eastern Thailand. Me and another elder (Elder Brown) were asked to translate. We were translating from Thai and Lao over to English. Let me tell you what, when you’re translating for a seventy and a person gets up speaking strait Lao, a language that I’ve never studied before other than hearing it on the street it's a bit nerve-racking but we got through it all just fine. The whole meeting was focused on Temples: how to prepare to go, the blessings we receive, and how to prepare if we want to have one in Thailand. It’s something that I know will happen in not to many years and I’m so excited for these blessings that my brothers and sisters Here in Thailand will receive from it.

Thanks you all so much for everything, I love you all so much

Ps. no i don't have a tape player and can't find one.

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