Monday, December 27, 2010


December 20, 2010
Hello and Merry Christmas to you all

I can't even believe the Christmas spirit here with all the snow, homemade caramel and all other delicious snacks everywhere. Everyone walks around bundled up in their coats and gloves... ha ha! Ok it's not quite like that as a matter of fact there is no such thing as Santa here and Christmas isn't even celebrated here but that's okay because all I want is to talk to you all on the phone!!!!!! As far as the number you need to call it's 01166815575719. Call me 6:00pm Christmas night (my time).

Life really is so good right now. We live in a four elder house with the greatest missionaries ever (Elder Hanni, Me, Potter, Leyva). It’s outrageous how much fun it is. We’ve also seen a lot of progression in the district; almost every companionship will have a baptism this month, which is great. I had a cool experience while interviewing a kid named Max. Interviewing always scared me because I didn't want to pass someone who wasn't ready and then have them fall away from the church, I remember the first time I interviewed, I could hardly sleep or eat anything, but I’ve done it a bit now and it's not so stressful for me. Anyway back to Max; I interviewed him a week ago and I didn't feel like he was ready yet. I saw him again this week for another interview. He came in to the room and we knelt down to pray and the spirit instantly told me "he's ready", usually it takes a few minutes of hearing their testimony and stuff but this time I knew even before the interview that he was going to pass. We read from the scriptures for a while and shared our testimonies. It really was a great experience. I wish there were some way to capture experiences like this in a device so that I could play it over and over throughout my life.

Sorry this is short, todays a bit crazy, I love you all
Ps. I haven't gotten the package yet, they keep them at the office until transfers meeting so I’ll get it around January 6th ish

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