Sunday, December 12, 2010

Oh, that's your suit?

November 29, 2010
I’m sorry to hear about your back, I hope its feeling better! What happened? Were you and Krista playing some tai-bo when it happened?

Well this week we had some changes in my district and there are three new missionaries who are awesome and I’m way excited to work with them. The work here in our area is still going really great and we have a lot of people progressing very well right now. This weekend we have a family of 4 who will be interviewed for baptism who are the cutest family in all of Thailand. They have been ready for a long time but the father used to be a smoker and would occasionally relapse. the father (mode) is a cook for a living, and ohhh what a cook: American food, Thai food, Italian food... he works at a hotel and serves food to people it's a bit expensive but it's the only American anything (other than McDonald's) there is here. In the past he was actually the chief of the King and lived in the palace.

Yesterday me and Elder Hanni arrived at the church and went in to change our suits which we leave inside a closet at the church every week. a member came up to me and gave me my name tag which usually hangs on my suit and i asked him "was this by chance attached to a suit?" he looked startled and asked "oh that's your suit?" he took us into another closet where he keeps his stuff and pulled out what used to be my nice clean wrinkle free suit. I kindly thanked him for giving it back to me and then walked off. He found my suit and wanted it so he took my name tag off of it and took it to a Laundromat and had them throw it into a washing machine. Well it's now a giant bunch of wrinkles. I’m going to try and get it fixed somehow, I’m still now sure how but I’m hoping there is some way to fix it.

Mom you might not want to read this...the craziest thing happened last week, I said a little bit about it in my last email but I’ll tell you more in this one. There is a centipede here in Thailand that is one of the most poisonous in the world. It actually is more poisonous them a cobra. Well there I was one morning in the shower when I feel something on my side, not really thinking about it I just tried to brush it off only to get poked by something, I looked down and saw this centipede on me and I freaked. I knocked it off of me and then it started chasing me finally after a long battle I managed to get it into the toilet and flush it away. Luckily the poke I got was from one of its big legs and not its pincers.

Well I’m out of time. I love you all

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