Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Scarred for Life

What a week... we've had all the mission presidents here this
week (the new ones) and we've had all 15 of the apostles here
too. The other night at the fireside I was right at the front
with 7 general authorities. It was the most amazing
experience. Elder Holland gave the talk, what a spiritual
giant. To hear him bear testimony was amazing.

The other day we came into class to a total culture shock. we
talked about the toilets we would be using in Thailand. We
were told that if we weren't in the city we would be in for
an experience. They have a wood platform that you stand on
with a small hole cut out of it. You can figure out the rest,
the advice we were given was "aim". i hope this isn't to
gross but I thought I'd tell you anyway. after your done
they have a water basin where you take your hand and get it
wet and then clean yourself that process takes a while
they say...I couldn't believe it but that's how it is, and
to wash your hands you just clean them in the same basin as
you just used to do..."it" =)If the language doesn't kill
me this experience will, i have no doubt I'll came home
scarred for life. I'll sit at home the rest of my life on
my bed, rocking back and forth crying because of the things
I had to go through. ha ha!!!

So about this language I'm trying to learn. It's killing me
but as they say, "what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger"
the longest word is over a page and a half long ...ahhh and
that word has about 60 tones, but i will probably never use
that word so I don't have to learn it!!! The word "practice"
in Thai is the "F" word in English and "opportunity" is OMG,
it's really weird using them because I feel really bad but
I know it's not, crazy huh!

I've always wondered how I would be able to live with guys
after being with girls (and DAD) my whole life. I am very
happy to say...it's very much the same. Where there used to
be a matted mess of hair in the drain, now there's snot all
over the walls (i guess that's a guy thing?), and trying to
get a spot in front of the mirror is even harder because some
guys seem to think the distance from one shoulder to the
other is twice their own height. Patience is a virtue, I
have to keep telling myself that.

It's so hard to see missionaries who don't care, missionaries
who go into their room when they think no one's there and
listen to the radio, the Elders who still tell the same jokes
and act like they're in a high school locker room. This next
two years is going to change the rest of their lives, why not
grow closer to your savior and become the greatest missionary
you can be. I, for one will never be done till my good is
better, and my better is best!

I love this gospel so much and I'm so glad for you all, and
for your examples that have shaped my life so I fit in where
I belong.
I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! God lives and loves every one of you.
Elder Parkinson
P.S. Yes mom, I got the package and I'm getting all your Dear

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Flying Lunch Trays

To start off, no, I didn't get a package from Dear Elder.

Ok, so the funniest thing happened the other day. We were in class when someone asked a question about the resurrection, I gave him an answer and then from across the room I heard an objection to my comment. So I explained it to him and he started getting angry because I was preaching false doctrine. I just went back to reading because I could see this was probably not the greatest conversation to pursue. But, this conversation continued for about 40 min. between everyone. While we were at lunch a Elder grabbed my arm and pulled me into this line with him, he was pretty angry with me and he wanted to change my mind, a couple more people jumped in line and started arguing as well. I was thinking to myself "only in the MTC" when from out of no where a food tray "accidently" slammed into my head. I couldn't believe how angry everyone was getting. I went and sat at another table and watched them, this argument was about an hour and a half, no where else would this happen.

Last night we had an elder who was feeling really sick and who had a temperature of 102 which was kinda scary. We came back to the dorm to give him a blessing. We can back to find out that he had been sent to the hospital because he was having a hard time breathing. I still don't know what really happened but I'm worried for him!

I had the coolest experience the other day. We were having a lesson on Joseph Smith when that scene from the Joseph Smith movie popped into my head. When Joseph is going through his surgery and the only thing he needs is his "Father" to hold him. While the surgery is going on you see Joseph in pain, and very scared, holding onto his father so tight. His father is holding him and crying because he knows what his child is suffering. This thought I had was followed by a picture of our Father in Heaven that came to my mind. I realized that this should be our relationship with the savior as well. When we go through hard times, pain, sorrow, we can always rely on out Father in Heaven, He is always there with his arms out stretched. When we need comfort, get on your knees and pray, and the savior will put his arms around you and give you the comfort you need. He knows everything we've gone through, and no one knows best how to comfort us.

I love you all, God lives, he loves us, Christ is our Savior. I love this gospel with all my heart. I Have 30 seconds left on my time before I get kicked off...whoot whoot!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Oh No! I'm fat and the swine is every where.

I'm so glad to hear that you're all doing great! I hope you know I pary for you all every night, everyone individually.
About the rain we've had this week. I seriously didn't even know it rained this week, I am in classrooms from 7:00 in the morning till 10:00 at night so I don't get much time to "smell the roses", if you will.
Last week the most amazing thing happened, Elder David A. Bednar came and spoke to us here at the MTC. That man has such a spirit, I hot to be only a few feet away from him. One of the things he told us, which is good for everyone, "If your wondering if it's the spirit prompting you, or whether it's just you...don't worry about it, go to work...if you are being a good boy/girl the Lord will fill your mouth and he will guide your footsteps!" What a powerful experience.
It's crazy to think that in the short time I've been here I can testify and pray in Thai, and I mean I can go minute after minute sometimes. I know that someone upstairs is helping me. We've been learning to read Romanized Thai, so that we can now learn to read the actual script, it doesn't make sense to learn to read a language so you can learn a totally different one, but what do i know, right?
Well, about the swine flu! It's been kinda scary the last little bit. One of the Elders in our district who sleeps right next door to me and who I sat by everyday in class just got it and has been sent to quarantine for 5 days, another elder who sleeps on the other side of me just got it yesterday, and another elder that I play ball with every day in gym and who I sit by in class has also been taken. We have two other people in our class, one of which sleeps in my room who are being watched because they think they'll get it. Kinda scary Huh! But, no worries I have been called to go preach to the people of Thailand and the "Lord giveth no comandment unto the childrn of men save he shall prepare a way for them to accomplish the thing which he cammandeth them", which means...I'll be okay Mom!
The MTC is loosing it's savor in the sense that the food is nasty, I never have time to move around (unless I'm going to the bathroom), which means...I"M GOING TO GET FAT!!! NO NO NO NO! Actually, right after I got here I started loosing weight, so I started eating more and now I'm gaining. I'm sick of the food, gaining weight, and my back side isn't liking my chair anymore. I really can't say what I'll look like when I get back! I really do love the MTC, the spirit you feel here is something only comparable to the temple, my testimony has grown so much, I love the gospel, I know God lives and knows us individually, He has felt everything we have, down to the smallest hang nail.
Sorry, for the spelling on this email, I have 30 minutes to read all the emails and to write them so I don't have time to check for spelling, and the computer doesn't have spell check.
I love you all, I pray for you every night!
Elder Parkinson

Friday, June 12, 2009


Well, we got Tyrel off to the MTC last week and it was quite the day. The MTC drop off experience changed the week he went in, due to the swine flu, they no longer have the families go in for the tear jerking meeting before hand. They just have you drop them off at the curb. Hopefully you get a chance to give them a hug before they send you on your merry way. Because it was the first week for the big change, it turns out that the news crews were there and unknown to us filmed our sorry experience. And I mean sorry, 5 sobbing sisters, a flustered mother and one in control father (there has to be at least one in control to be the designated driver), not to mention the teary eyed boy. I'm sure a sight to behold. They must have waited for just the right family to pull up so they could get some great footage.

We got Tyrel's first letter on Monday and were so excited to hear from him. He sounds great and already sounds like a different person. He has had some great spiritual experiences and is loving his first week in the MTC. He loves his 6' 4" companion Elder McConkie and says the language is coming bit be bit. He can now pray, introduce himself and he says that he is beginning to learn to testify in Thai. The Lord does amazing things for his missionaries.

We are so proud of Tyrel and his decision to serve the Lord at this time.