Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Scarred for Life

What a week... we've had all the mission presidents here this
week (the new ones) and we've had all 15 of the apostles here
too. The other night at the fireside I was right at the front
with 7 general authorities. It was the most amazing
experience. Elder Holland gave the talk, what a spiritual
giant. To hear him bear testimony was amazing.

The other day we came into class to a total culture shock. we
talked about the toilets we would be using in Thailand. We
were told that if we weren't in the city we would be in for
an experience. They have a wood platform that you stand on
with a small hole cut out of it. You can figure out the rest,
the advice we were given was "aim". i hope this isn't to
gross but I thought I'd tell you anyway. after your done
they have a water basin where you take your hand and get it
wet and then clean yourself that process takes a while
they say...I couldn't believe it but that's how it is, and
to wash your hands you just clean them in the same basin as
you just used to do..."it" =)If the language doesn't kill
me this experience will, i have no doubt I'll came home
scarred for life. I'll sit at home the rest of my life on
my bed, rocking back and forth crying because of the things
I had to go through. ha ha!!!

So about this language I'm trying to learn. It's killing me
but as they say, "what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger"
the longest word is over a page and a half long ...ahhh and
that word has about 60 tones, but i will probably never use
that word so I don't have to learn it!!! The word "practice"
in Thai is the "F" word in English and "opportunity" is OMG,
it's really weird using them because I feel really bad but
I know it's not, crazy huh!

I've always wondered how I would be able to live with guys
after being with girls (and DAD) my whole life. I am very
happy to say...it's very much the same. Where there used to
be a matted mess of hair in the drain, now there's snot all
over the walls (i guess that's a guy thing?), and trying to
get a spot in front of the mirror is even harder because some
guys seem to think the distance from one shoulder to the
other is twice their own height. Patience is a virtue, I
have to keep telling myself that.

It's so hard to see missionaries who don't care, missionaries
who go into their room when they think no one's there and
listen to the radio, the Elders who still tell the same jokes
and act like they're in a high school locker room. This next
two years is going to change the rest of their lives, why not
grow closer to your savior and become the greatest missionary
you can be. I, for one will never be done till my good is
better, and my better is best!

I love this gospel so much and I'm so glad for you all, and
for your examples that have shaped my life so I fit in where
I belong.
I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! God lives and loves every one of you.
Elder Parkinson
P.S. Yes mom, I got the package and I'm getting all your Dear

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