Tuesday, July 7, 2009

To tell or not to tell, that is the question.

Wow, what a week! I'm going to start out taking about
something that happened this week that isn't exactly the
spiritual testimony building stuff. But before coming out
here my mom made me promise "you better tell me
everything, it won't worry me" so...here it goes.
there is this Elder who had been here for about three
weeks who I have really struggled with. He is one of those
"tall tale" type of people who have killed seven people all
in the noble cause of defending those he loved and who
invented aluminum foil shortly following his all expense
paid trip to the moon. I had always tried to avoid this
Elder because obviously he rubbed me the wrong way. But,
one night I was getting a drink of water, I was the only
one in the hall (I thought) all of the sudden I turned
around and there he was. He said some comment about
beating me up or something that I just ignored. This made
him kinda mad. All of the sudden he pulled out a knife and
pretended to stab me a couple times and then held the knife
up to my throat. A few days later I was approached by the
police to find out that right after this wonderful
experience, (not) this Elder was angry and attacked someone
else with this knife. The Elder is okay but I'm afraid The
elder with the knife might go to prison. I became zone
leader a couple days later and he ended up being in my
zone. I have been working with the police a lot, giving
statements and stuff, but I have also been working with
him a lot as well. He's a really great kid who just does
stupid things to try and fit in. I don't know what will
happen but if you wouldn't mind keeping him in your
prayers I would be so grateful.
Zone leader...if I ever thought i didn't have time to
study, I was wrong. oncmy first day I was up at 4 in the
morning helping Elders clean out there rooms so that they
could leave that day. I get to do this a couple times per
week. whoot whoot! It's a lot of work, especially with the
events of the past week but I love it. And now have the
opportunity to help so many Missionaries. it's amazing to
see how helping someone know that their savior really loves
them and wants them to do well can totaly change the life of
a missionary. I've been working with one sister a lot. She is
from an abusive home and doesn't have any self worth. i have
spent so much time writing her letters and going out of my
way to help her, this week the progress she has made is
incredible. She will now try and speak Thai in front of
people and will talk in class.
Now about the Thai language. Last week me and Elder McConkie
taught our first lesson in Thai, and from now it's all in
Thai. it's amazing how I go into a teaching appointment
scared to death and after a 20min lesson (all in Thai) on
prayer you feel like you could take on the world. I know
the spirit is helping me learn this language. I can now
read Thai as well, I don't have a clue what I'm saying but
I can read it.
I got to clean the temple the other day it was such a
great experience, I love the temple and am really going to
miss it for 21 months. It truly is the house of the Lord.
Angels walk the halls of that sacred building. The Savior
Himself has been in every room.
Thank you so much for all your prayers and for fasting for
me the other day. I feel your prayers and know that they are
helping me. This gospel is so true, I love it with all my
heart. If ever I was a "Peter Presthood" you can only
imagine how bad i am now.
I love you all so much, I can't express in words what I feel,
I am so glad your example has shaped my life so that i
don't fit in where I don't belong. this gospel is the work
of angels, the Savior is the head of this church, God lives
and knows each and every one of us individually and wants
the best for us. The prophet is seer of our day, his words
are the words of God
I love you so much
Elder Parkinson

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