Tuesday, July 21, 2009

He that trusteth in the Lord shall be made fat

To start out I'm not sure about when I'll be calling or how long we will be able
to talk, I'll find that out in a week or so (I think), I will let you know as soon
as I can.

The changes that have taken place around my waistline are kinda depressing,
but as it says in PRO 28:25 "He that trusteth in the Lord shall be made fat" so
you see, it's a good thing... yeah in know it didn't convince me either.

I had a really good experience this last week. I keep wondering why the
language is so hard for me. I seem to be working harder, longer then anyone
but nothing seems to help. I just keep telling myself "on the Lords time table."
I was giving an interview this last week to a sister. While I was in the
interview I started talking about the language and started telling her about
my struggles with it as well. It was right here when I realized why I was
struggling. I am able to relate to those missionaries who are struggling, and
they feel like they can come to me anytime, and that I will know what they're
going through. The sister I was interviewing broke down and started to cry. I
shared with her how Moses struggled with speech as well; I helped her see
God's hand in her life. After that experience I realized how glad I am that the
language is so hard for me. I wouldn't have it any other way. We all have our
own personal cross we have to carry up the hill on Calvary, and I am so glad
the Lord trusts me enough to give me these struggles.

So this whole going from all girls, to all guys is still a bit weird. I've always
joked about how living in a house of all girls can get pretty emotional...NOT
IN THE LEAST. Some of these Missionaries are way worse then any girl. I had
two missionaries sitting next to me on the bed last night talking about all
these emotional problems, I couldn't believe it. There are so many times
when Missionaries act like all those "chicks" in all the chick flicks I watched
(most of the time by force). What an eye opener.

While teaching this week I had quite an experience, one of those getting the
language messed up and saying something that really throws everyone for a
loop. So I was teaching about Joseph Smith, the spirit was there and the
lesson was going really good. All of the sudden I told the investigators that
"a fungus (located on the foot) prayed to God, God appeared to the fungus
and called it to be a prophet." Now if that didn't confuse everyone I don't
know what would have. I laughed so hard after our teacher came up to me
and he told me what I said, we laughed for ever. good times, good times!

Remember my toe? the one that finally healed... well... the other day I was
playing basketball, and you see...ok, here it goes... someone stepped on it
real hard and it started bleeding and is all swollen and infected again. After
8 weeks I'm kinda sick of it. Oh well "what doesn't kill you makes you

My testimony has grown so much the past 7 weeks, I have become a new
person. I love this gospel with all my heart and I can't wait to share it with
the people of Thailand. I already feel such a love for that people and I haven't
even met them.
God lives, he loves each and every one of us, the one Being who can divide
His love between all the world and still every person has all His love. I love
Him, He had helped me more then I can say to which I will ever be in debt.

I love you all so much
Elder Parkinson

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