Saturday, August 1, 2009

A little space please.

I'll start out with some crazy culture facts. People in 
Thailand love hair. Hair on arms and legs are a favorite
for them. I was warned that when we're sitting in church
the members will take our arms and sit there and rub them
the whole time because they LOVE hair. And if that doesn't
just creep you out the next one is even worse...people over
there don't have any personal body space so they will just
randomly put their hand on your leg and I was told "I mean
upper leg" ahhh! I just don't know how I'm going to take
this, as if the toilets aren't bad enough!!!
Another funny story. I love to debate and have
discussions but this seek we were having a lesson on
Sabbath day observance when I made a comment that an elder
(the same one that hit me in the head with the lunch tray)
didn't agree with. He turned right to me and said "I
disagree with you completely," it shocked me because he was
kinda mad. I tried to prove my point again, and yet again,
he started getting mad. I just stopped talking for a while
because I was starting to get a little aggravated, because
I knew I was right and I wanted to prove that. During the
rest of the class he kept saying stuff like "there's no
way Elder Parkinson can be right" or "I totally disagree
with him," then he would point at me. It was all I could do
to keep my mouth shut. This elder is one of my favorite
elders though, he just Gets bugged about stuff sometimes.
I have an elder in my room who was really serious with
his girlfriend before his mission and is having a really
hard time focusing on the work. This last week he received
a package from her, she had send a bunch of tapes that were
full of lovey-dovey stuff and kisses. He listens to it
every night sometimes in the morning, it kills me! We all
talked about it and I told him that it doesn't affect just
him, it's hard for all of us, who have left people we love
behind, to hear about home day in and day out. But oh
well! When we struggle that's when the lord helps us most.
I've heard it said "mans afflictions are Gods
opportunities", I should be glad he listens to it every
night =)
As a district this week we were having a hard time being
unified. Everyone knows the time is short, and there is so
much to do, we've all been thinking about "me" and "I" to
much. I have been praying a lot about it and trying to find
a way to unite everyone again because when we are united we
learn more and the spirit is able to teach us. In district
inventory I brought it up, and we talked about it for
awhile and then I stood up and shared a story with
everyone, the spirit took over and I started saying things
I didn't know i had in me, that room was absolutely
silent. After that everyone started sharing ways they could
help everyone and the district as a whole. People were
crying and testimonies grew so much that night. Our
district has never been able to work so well together. I
am so glad to be living in such a way that the spirit can
work through me.
Sorry the letters are going to be kinda lacking this week,
today was one of our last days in the temple and we spent
a lot of time there today, which means less time for
letters, sorry!
I love you all, and pray for you about 8 times per day.
God lives, Jesus is the Christ, He loved us enough to
come down and die for us, each and every one.
13 days till Thailand!!! I'll let you all know about the
phone call, I haven't heard anything yet.
Elder Parkinson

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