Sunday, December 12, 2010

Miracles for putting God first

December 6, 2010
Yes, that word from Brother Saakah makes perfect sense and I’ve been really close to his house a good number of times. I honestly love that man to death, he really changed my mission and the things he taught me I still use and teach every day to missionaries.

Mode's family is doing great! The other day they were interviewed and will be baptized this Sunday, I can't wait to send you pictures of them. I have never met a family with more faith and willingness to change. I've always loved teaching people the week before they are baptized because I review the baptismal questions with them and get to ask about their testimonies. They are always the most spiritual lessons, you get to see how God really did change their lives and it's an eye-opener for them, as well, because they realize just how strongly they believe in the foundational principles of the gospel: God is our father in heaven; his son, Jesus Christ, is our Redeemer and savior; Joseph Smith is a prophet and restored the church through the power of God... oh how I love this gospel it's so so true, and I love teaching it so others.

We have another investigator who has had so many miracles happen in his life. We first meet him about three weeks ago and oh what a state he was in. He didn't have a job because nobody would hire him; he would go drink over 20 times every day and smoked more than the average chimney. We sat down with him and told him what we had to offer and he said he was willing to change. We’ve seen him a lot sense then and he is a total different person now. He doesn't smoke or drink. this last week he told us he found out he had to go be a monk for a while (it's a thing every boy must do in Buddhism to provide a better life for their parents in the next life) he told me that and I told him "God doesn't want you to do that..." he then told me his family wasn't going to pay for his house anymore and in one month he would be kicked out and would have nowhere to live unless he became a monk. The spirit told me a couple of things and prompted me to make him a promise, "I promise you that if you make up your mind that you won't be a Monk and pray and ask God for help in finding a job that God will prepare a way for you to financially sustain yourself so that you can be baptized" the next day we went to see him and found out that he had found a job where he made good money (8 American dollars) and would be able to afford housing and food and would have every Sunday off. He shared his testimony that God prepared the way for him and he's willing to be baptized.

I'm beginning to realize how little time I really have here in this country I’ve learned to love so much. It’s humbling and motivating! I feel like I’m working better then I ever have and am so grateful for the 6 months I have left.

I love you all so much

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