Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ahhhh vocabulary!!!!!

I'm astounded at the changes that are talking place back
home and the growing up that is happening. I can't
believe how old everyone is getting and everything you
are all doing. It's great to hear about Kennady and the
play she was in (I hope you got pictures) and Brielle's
hair competition. You guys all sound incredibly busy
(this is where dad nods his head and lets out a (manly)

Well this week has been one of rain, sunburns and tons
of fun here in Korad. As of right now we have 7 people
progressing toward baptism and a couple of families we
are teaching, the work is great. This last week we were
able to get 7 new investigators who are eager to keep
learning. This last night we meet with the parents of a
family of 6, it was such a awesome experience. Their
names are "dang and su" and are they ever a bundle of
fun. The mother reminds me a lot of you, mom, and
doesn't stop laughing. I can't understand her very well
because she talks while she laughs and I can't focus on
what she's saying because I'm laughing too hard. When
we opened the lesson the father started to pray and in
the prayer he expressed concerns and asked for help
with family, it was a very sincere prayer, but at the
end he said "Please help me find work, I don't need a
lot of money only a little bit....if I'm rich that's fine
too." His wife started laughing and it's was a struggle for
me not to bust up too.

We were inviting this last week when we came upon this
big park thing full of kids. We went in and talked to a
couple of people. I got done talking to this guy and
Elder Tom was still talking to another guy so me and
Elder Dearden walked up to these kids and started talking
to them. I gave them some candy and an English pass
along card. These kids started saying something to me
and I didn't understand the words so I asked. After they
taught me a couple of words and then quizzed me by
pointing at things and having me tell them what it was,
I did good until they walked over to a car and started pointing to
parts of it, after that they gave me a spelling test, at which I did
OK, but didn't pass.
The vocabulary I have learned this past week from elder tom is
crazy. It's such a great experience and I love it to death.

All in all, life couldn't be better here in the beautiful city of
I love you, keep it up

ps. Elder Dearden doesn't know who Mark Dearden I guess
they're not related.

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