Monday, March 15, 2010

God is guiding my footsteps.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Wow now we've got a fifth person (or
I mean three) in our house how are able to go to prison.
I hope you scared her really good. Can someone give Dad
and Brielle a big hug from me!

I tried to send birthday letters this week to you but due
to "stuff" here in Bangkok it's been kind of a scary week
and we didn't end up sending the mail. Don't worry
though, everything is okay, we're being watched over!

So this week we had a sweet experience that had really
helped my testimony grow. We were coming home the
other day before study and decided to go eat really fast.
We got on a bus and headed to the mall. The traffic was
really bad and it started to get to where we wouldn't
have any time to eat which as you can imagine was a
little frustrating. Right before we got there the bus
turned on to another huge road heading away from
where we were going. We jumped off the bus and had to
cross a huge road to find another bus to take us there.
After a long time of waiting and trying to find a bus we
were again heading toward our destination. Finally we
got to the mall went in and picked up our food and
headed home. We were both a little bugged at the
situation because we would now have no time to eat
before we got home. As we walked in our silent rage I
heard someone say "Are you Mormons?" I was shocked
and spun around to see an 18 year old boy standing
there looking at me. "Yes we do you know
us?"..."I was an exchange student in Brazil and lived
with a Mormon family". We found out that he had been
looking for Mormons for a long time but couldn't find
the church. D&C 3:1 (i think) man's work may be
frustrated but God's work will never be frustrated. Our
feet are always being guided and if we are able to
remain worthy of Gods help we will not go astray and
our footsteps will be guided. There are times when
we don't like it but (ether 12:27) it's through hard
times and trials that we begin to grow and find out how
to rely on Him in those hard, frustrating times when
"The world is picking on me".

Every Monday we get the opportunity to meet with
Royalty. We meet in a house (huge) right next door to
the princess of Thailand. There is a kid who is
handicapped and we get to go and talk to him and help
him with English. It's such a cool experience and I love
this kid to death. He's got one of the greatest smiles
and is soooo funny. This past week we were talking
about cool names and I told him "I don't have a Thai
name yet, do you have any suggestions?" He gave me
the name "Little Red" เดงนอ้ย. I thought it was so funny
because people always used to call me the short red
head. How ironic.

This Sunday in church the bishop was gone and due to
"political and military stuff" there weren't a lot of people
at church which meant no speakers. In sacrament
meeting brother บุนชัย said "Now we are going to give
the rest of the time over to the Elders. My heart started
beating as I stood up and walked up to the pulpit. It
really wasn't that bad, as a missionary in Thailand it's
full of teaching on the spot.

Well I'm off, you guys rock. I'm so glad you got the
pictures and I should be sending more here in a while.
I love you all, keep it up!

PS. Could you get me the address of Emily Esplin? She
goes to Weber and is a senior this year. Thanks

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