Monday, March 8, 2010

All Better

It's so great to hear about how good everyone
is doing back home. It's so obvious to me that
God is taking part in all aspects of both of
our lives. I can't even tell you how awesome
it is to have a family like you.

Now for an update on the ear: it ended up not
being a torn eardrum; instead I have a very
swollen membrane. For a couple days I would
want to just cry every time the wind blew
because it felt like pencils in my ear. It's
not a problem anymore after taking 4
different medications (who knows if they're
legit) I'm doing great!

This week, yet again, the work has been going
great. I hate to brag but I've got to tell you
what Pres. Smith said about our area. He was
talking with the zone leaders about us and he
said "Thonburi (our area) has been a pit ever
sense I got here...I haven't seen these kind
of numbers coming out of Thonburi ever before."
It's been a lot of hard work and miracles here.
There's a good chance I'm moving out of this
area in two weeks and I'm kinda sad, but also
excited for a new area and new challenges.

I've got to tell you about a miracle that
happened this week. We were inviting one day
when I saw this man outside his house smoking.
I walked over and started talking about random
stuff then pulled out a picture of Christ. I
told him we had a message for him. He didn't
give me a number but said I could come back
another day; he didn't seem interested at all.
We switched off with the Zone leaders and we
went by to see this man. We went in and started
talking about his work. He makes candy for a
living and it as really cool what he did. We
asked him if we could sit down for a couple
minutes and share something with him. We sat
down and prayed, then the spirit began to enter
the room. I couldn't believe it, we were
teaching like natives. This man understood
really well. You could see this man's
countenance change, it was amazing. By the end
of the lesson the spirit was very strong and I
knew he was feeling it. I asked him to be
baptized... this man who didn't even want to
meet with us said "Of course I do, will you
help me prepare for it?" This man totally
changed in the course of 20 minutes. It's
amazing how this gospel changes lives.

We're entering the hot season over here which
means even hotter. It's like wearing a blanket
in a sauna some days. It's gotten as hot as 115
degrees and it's still getting hotter. It's great
though, I've got all sorts of crazy tan lines:
from my watch to the tan line in the middle of
my neck. People keep saying that this week is
supposed to be hotter than previous years
because of some weather cycle thing that has
been going on forever. It's great because
everyone invites us in for drinks and a few
minutes of shade. The Thai people are so giving,
I love it. I've started buying fruit in the
morning and trying to give it out to random
people throughout the day. This work is so much

Right now we have three people with a baptismal
date. I'll probably miss them all but that's OK.
One of them is named "bock". He's about 35 and
a really fat dude (there is nothing impolite
about saying that here) with the greatest laugh
in the world. He is a cook and man can he ever
cook. He's seen about ever American movie in
the world and knows every band as well. I don't
know very many movies or bands so Elder Schulte
talks about it with him. He's not married but
lives at home with his siblings and parents.

Well I'd better run. I love you all, thank you
so much for everything.


In the package...uhh... I have no requests. Up
to you!!! =) American candy is always good I
guess =)

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