Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Couldn't be more happy!!!

I can honestly say I've never been so happy in my whole mission. I've moved out
of my last area into another one in the eastern part of Thailand called Korat.
I'm in the only three-some companionship in the country. I've got a Thai
companion named Elder Tom who is the greatest elder you'd ever meet and is
so funny. My other companions name is Elder Dearden who is from back east
somewhere (forgot). We speak Thai all day long and I love it to death. This
ward is the greatest; the people are so kind and loving toward everyone and
love the missionaries. I'm once again on my bike!!! After almost 5 months of
buses, I think if my back side could talk it would be something along the lines
of ";ao8734897ay023948(pain)". We have tons of Investigators and the work
here couldn't be better. LIFE COULDN'T BE BETTER!!!

I hate to boast (hahaha =)) but something I've been working really hard on is
speaking with the Thai accent. This week I stood up and shared my testimony
and stuff, afterwards people came up and were blown away with how "Thai" I
sounded. Elder Dearden is the greatest (white) Thai speaker I've ever heard.
This is already my favorite place I've served in and I've only been here a couple
of days.

This past week there have been 2 funerals here in our branch. One of the
greatest leaders of the church here in Thailand was on his way to his mother's
funeral when he and all of his family got into a car accident and killed him and
his daughter. It's been very sad for everyone and many tears have been shed.
The experiences people have shared in the meetings have been amazing, and
faith building. This is a family who had it all figured out. The wife (while
sitting in her wheel chair) gave a talk about "what is love", she told about the
love of family members and relationships extending past the grave. It was
great. Elder Pratt of the 70 was there and gave a talk on life after death. This
week has been a week full of the spirit and I absolutely loved it.

Well this is short I know but I was trying to de-code Dad's email for a while,
and what do you know...he speaks Thai!!

I love you
Ps. good luck Brielle and Kennady with the play and hair competition.

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