Monday, March 1, 2010

Miracles again

It's amazing to me how never in my life (other than to take Carly
Hirst) have I been to the hospital. I've always been accident proof
and always felt blessed for that. Well sense I've been a missionary
I have been in the hospital or had surgery 6 times. I don't know
what is happening, my body is falling apart. Maybe it's that the
Lord knows there's more coming and he's trying to build me up
for the real thing!

Don't be worried, but yet again, I'm off to the hospital tonight with
a possible torn eardrum. It's totally cool though because I look
great with a swollen ear, it's almost impossible to sleep at night
but hey, in a lifetime you sleep over 25 years anyway, I can lose a
couple hours. Don't be worried though because every little thing
Satan throws at me is hitting him back twice as hard... will he ever
learn =)

This week we have had an explosion of missionary work and
miracles in our area. A really high week for new investigators is
2...this week we had 6 with tons of lessons. We received a call from
the assistants again saying how impressed they were with the
growth of our area. I feel so blessed. We really have worked like
crazy. There are days we don't get more then 10 min to eat in a
day but the small sacrifices seem like nothing when you look at
all the Lord has blessed us with. The past few weeks my language
has exploded. I'm talking like I have never talked before. I always
have members coming up saying how impressed they are at my
language. I can say, I'm now fluent in this language, I thought it
would never come!

Tell Brielle to take it easy with the dancing. I know your good but
try more grace and less rock star, ha ha! I'm so sorry and hope
you're feeling better. I remember the dance parties back home in
the living room we always were a bit out of control. I tried it once
in an elevator while singing at the top of my lungs, Elder Schulte
about died because he thought the elevator would plummet to the

This past week we were able to meet with a man who is now one
of our investigators. While talking to him we started talking about
how this gospel changes lives, we then shared the Joseph smith
story. He began to tell us about a dream he had been having for
the past couple of weeks. He said in this dream he was sleeping
and woke up for some reason and got out of bed. While walking
across his room he noticed a card lying on the ground. He walked
over picked it up and turned it over to see one of our pass along
cards. He then took the card and put it in his pocket next to his
heart. We ran into him the other day and gave him the card. He
looked at it for a minute and said he wanted to meet with us. He's
heard a lot of stuff about Christianity and is very confused on
many topics. I know he was led to us and that this experience was
an answer to his prayers, we're trying to help him realize the same.

This work is the greatest, in D&C 15 and 16 it talks about how this
work will bring more happiness and joy than any other work, and I
am a witness to that. Trials, and challenges, yes! But also the
outpouring of blessings, and love. Thank you all so much for your
love and letters.

I love you
ps. Tell Sara congrats for me

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