Monday, January 25, 2010

Larva, Yummy!!!!

Mom you sure know how to scare a poor boy to death, after I
finished your story I looked at myself and I was all sweaty and
shaking. You scared me good. How is your hand now? What hand is
it? Can you still write and stuff? I'll keep you in my prayers. I think
I'm the one who broke that light, so I owe you a big SORRY! I just
want to punch myself. Keep me updated.

Two days ago I had another interesting food experience, except for
this one I brought on myself. Elder Schulte and I were going home
after a wonderful appointment, while waiting for the bus to come
pick us up I looked over and saw this man sitting on a bench with
a little bag of something he was eating. I walked over to see how
he was doing and to take a look inside the bag. he opened it up and
showed me a bag of maggots, and I'm talking two inch larva things.
He offered me one, and I, knowing that I could top any "Guess what
I ate" confidentially said "sure". I reached into the bag and through
the slime and who knows what else, I found a big juicy looking one.
I pulled it out and Elder Schulte gave me a look of "no you're not"
and then with one swift motion "to the lips to the gums, watch out
stomach here it comes". It made a pop when I bit down on it,
(another good reason to chew with your mouth closed) and then
my mouth was filled with an describable nasty taste. I was finding
it in my teeth for hours after. yummy!

This week had been one of miracles, we have been able to get a lot
of investigators progressing and coming to church. We got a referral
from another area and we had an opportunity to meet with him the
other day. He's learned with missionaries before and already had a
testimony. He got a new job in order to go to church. His first
comment was "I want to be baptized, what do I need to do?" It's
such a blessing, this area started out as nothing, when I moved
here there were no investigators and now we have about 13 and
some of them with dates to be baptized. It's so great to see the
work progressing so well, and I attribute it all to the lord, Elder
Schulte and I wouldn't be able to do any of the stuff we have
without his help. Every day little things confirm that there is no
such thing as coincidence or good luck; it's all part of the eternal
plan for each and every one of our lives.

Something else I have really learned is the importance of speaking
with boldness. It's something I've never been sure how to do
because I want to be the nice guy but at times it's hard to really
tell them what they need hear. I talked to Pres. Smith about it and
he said "Overbearance" is yelling at them, "boldness" is anything
less than that. He said the scriptures is the way to declare with
boldness, it's the word of God they will have to fight, not the
missionary, it's our calling to warn, at times it takes some
"hellfire and damnation" scriptures to get the point across. This
week your little boy has really thrown down the law, and told
people just how it is. Even drunk people yelling at their wife, and
the all too common unfaithful taxi drivers, have tasted the wrath
of God, if you will. It's such a great work we are all a part of, and
how great is it to know that Christ is at our head leading us all along
the only path that will triumph in the end. I absolutely love
declaring this word. It's like I'm the person in the store over the
loud speaker telling the little kids where their parents are and
how to find them.

I love you all so much, keep it up.

PS. I sent the package about three weeks ago, it should be getting
there this week.

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