Monday, January 18, 2010

SHE FOUND ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The other day we were walking
through a huge market with thousands of people. I was only
focusing on trying to keep my eyes from seeing all of the obscene
pictures and prostitutes everywhere when all of the sudden I
looked up and saw "her" my heart sunk down into my feet, which
you might thing would slow me down, but no, I pulled some
crazy matrix move and dove behind a group of guys the whole
time trying to send the vibe to my companion that the bird of
prey was out and on the hunt. Somehow he got the vibe and we
were off. I've never moved so fast through so many people in my
life. Through the market, past Seven-Eleven, into a taxi and back
to the house quicker than you can even imagine. Whether she
saw me or not I don't know, I saw her once and then like Joseph
in Egypt, I ran.

Yesterday I found out that a kid I was teaching in Ubon just got
baptized. I was out of my mind excited last night; he is the
greatest kid and will make the greatest missionary. He's so strong
and really has a testimony of this gospel. He has really changed
his life around. I love seeing this happen over and over and over.
This gospel fills the empty gaps in life and change lives of
confusion and misunderstanding into lives of purpose and
happiness. I love this work, and am so grateful you are all there
with me along the way.

I love you all so much, keep it up back home

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