Monday, January 18, 2010

It's so funny that those are the exact chapters I read when I feel like that, and at times I've read them more then others but every time I am filled with the spirit and have a desire only to work harder. It's such a great feeling when you are to the point of breaking, and then you look inside yourself and realize that this is the time the savior has set aside so that he can really get to know me and let me get to know him.
This past week has been full of miracles and unplanned opportunities. Before this week started we had about 8 potential investigators and now after this week we have over 25. It's been a week full of sacrifice. we've gone without meals, I gave up most of my p-day last week and I have been working as hard as I could, it's amazing to see the blessings. We have three families that we are seeing next week, most missionaries haven't ever taught a family in their whole mission. we have been supplying a bunch of the mission with referrals, some of which are families. Just sitting back and seeing the blessings is a very humbling experience.
I love you, thanks for the letters I love them.

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