Monday, January 11, 2010

Can't Shut-up

This past week has also been a great opportunity for me to
reflect back on all the blessings I have received. In the midst of
persecution and all the "joys" that come from being in this huge
city I have been able to really pay attention to the small miracles
that happen every single day. This past week we were in a
lesson and a sister asked a question, I started telling about it, and
took her on a tour of the scriptures and ended with a powerful
testimony. After the lesson Elder Schulte stopped me and said "do
you realize you were talking just like a Thai person in there." As
I thought back I couldn't believe the things I was saying and the
feelings I was able to portray through words.

This past week President Smith committed us all to start the Book
of Mormon again and mark every work that refers to the Savior.
It's been such a great experience because as it says in 2 Nephi
25:26 "We teach of Christ, we write of Christ..." It's amazing
how much he is throughout the Book of Mormon. I have really
begun to understand how powerful the scriptures are in the
conversion process. Within its pages is the fullness of the gospel,
everything we need to know in this life to gain salvation and in
the next. The spirit I have felt while reading is something
describable, every morning I wake up with a thirst to read more.
It's amazing how much your little boy is growing up (physically,
not so much =)

Think with me of you will back to a time when you were sick
and your voice was a little weird. Remember how your voice
would crack every time you tried to go high. Well now think of
speaking a language where over half of the words have a high
tone and every time you try it your voice cracks. Yeah I know it
makes for quite a laugh and for some pretty funny invites.

Something what just kills me is thinking about how I used to be at
home. Not that I was quiet but I had a hard time just talking to
someone, especially on the phone. MOM....I DON'T SHUT UP, I'm
talking all of the time; drunk people, sober people, taxi drivers
with 8 wives, and bus drivers so angry that they spit when they
talk. I absolutely love it. I'll admit sometimes it's a bit awkward
when you're talking to a guy and two prostitutes walk over and
sit down by you, and then you have to try and get the return
appointment while trying to deal with the other two problems.
It's a crazy world out here but I couldn't ask for a better place
with better people. My companion is going home in July and he
almost gets emotional because of how bad he wants to stay. I
already feel the same way, when I talk about my love for these
people I'm on the point of tears. They really have changed my life
and helped me become the person God would have me be. They
are shaping me into the son, husband, father, church leader that
I will become. I truly am like metal being tempered in the fire.

I love you all so much, keep it up.

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