Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Decade

Hey fam.
It's so good to hear your all doing great and that you
enjoyed the holidays. Isn't it crazy, a new year, a new
decade. It's a time of reflection and also forces one to
look into the future. Dad your going to be in your fifties
after this decade is over, and who knows maybe even
grandparents. (That's a subtle hint for Tara and....=).
I've looked back at what has happened over the past decade
and in some cases I'm very much the same. When I was nine
I was scared to death of girls, and when asked to dance I
would tell them "NO". Then I think of me today and I'm
about the same. Girls are one of the scariest things in
the world to me over here =). But I'm blown away at the
spiritual growth that has taken place in my life due to
scripture, prayer and the example of those who have helped
shape my life. I was a kid who went to church in hopes that
Pauline Maxwell would bring treats, and now I'm on the
other side of the world testifying all day long about what
I was taught through the past years. I have learned to live
by faith and lean on the support of an all knowing, all
loving, Father in Heaven. I am able to testify along with
Alma and Amulek that Jesus Christ is the Savior and that he
will in glory appear to us again. I am not discouraged by
my weaknesses because I know that through them I will be
made strong and that I will receive help from family,
friends and my Father in Heaven. This is such a glorious
gospel and it really is "glad tidings of great joy"
spreading all throughout the world. It so humbles me to be
a part of it.

We have this older member here in Thonburi who is about
60ish. He only has one leg and has terrible health. He
comes to church every week but has to be helped in. This
past week he was really weak and I had to carry him up two
flights of stairs to the sacrament room. Yeah I was tired
for sure, I haven't carried anything heavier than a Book of
Mormon for a while =). After the meetings were over he was
walking out on his crutches and I could tell he was really
tired. I walked over to him to see of I could help him,
right as I got there his crutch slipped out from under his
arm and he fell. I managed to jump forward in time to catch
him. I was able to carry him out to the car and help him get
in. It's hard to see because I really love this man and he is
getting weaker and weaker and weaker every week.

Well I'm out of time, but I want you all to know that I
love you and am so thankful for your example and for your
letters. I can't even say how grateful I am for you all.


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