Monday, February 1, 2010

Little Preacher

I can't tell you how good it makes me feel that your hand is feeling
better and that you aren't suffering (quite as bad). It's been on my
mind all week and you have been in my prayers. I have told lots of
people about it and they told me to tell you
(hayreewreewnakhrab) =)

Before I forget. The other day I was walking down the street when
I heard someone yell "Elder". I about died because someone knew
us and it was in English. I spun around to see a black man walking
over. We started talking and I found out his name was Steven and
that he was a member. We is new in Thailand and was looking for
the church. We gave him the number for the English branch and as
he was leaving I asked where he was from, he said "Nigeria" I
couldn't believe it. I told him my grandparents served two missions
there and right before I could say anymore the bus came and we
were gone. Grandma and grandpa might know him?

"Little preacher" is right. One of the things that I have been doing
wrong as a missionary is making this message sound like a good idea
rather than Salvation. These past couple of weeks I have really
testified with boldness and it's really helped us. I was walking
down the street the other day when I saw a man in a wheel chair
who called out "elder". We started walking over not knowing who
he was. When I got there and as we started talking I found out that
the missionaries had taught him before, after a while I found out he
was a staunch catholic and went to church every week even with his
broken leg. We sat down and we started talking. He expressed
interest in learning more about our church I told him a little bit and
then I felt that I needed to say some things to him. I started saying
I would love to help you learn more about salvation and happiness
but I will only do so under a couple conditions; see that beer your
drinking, I can't teach you if you keep drinking it, so you must stop!
Another thing you must come to church with us this week. He sat
there and then he said "Well why should I go to your church" to
which I said "Because it's the only way to find happiness and gain
salvation" he said a couple things about "Well my church.... and my
church..." "I understand what you're saying but I want to tell you
about a way to know, from God, that this is the only true church"
Elder Schulte and I told him how it was and left it at that. The end
of the story, he came to church and wasn't drinking. It's amazing
how the spirit works when you're able to put off "self comfort" and
just testify with boldness. It's true I get laughed at a lot but that's
up to them, agency is the one gift our Father in Heaven has given
us that won't be taken away, and is central of this gospel. It's
through this great power that God takes a young, immature 19 year
old boy, throws him into the furnace of experience, pain, sorrow,
discouragement; and after a two year process he pulls him out and
looks at the masterpiece he has created. It's so great to be serving
with Elder Schulte because this is something that has happened to
him, and I hope it is slowly happening to your little red head child,
or I should say, one of your little red head children.
I love you all so much, keep it up.
your only son.

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