Monday, February 8, 2010

Zion's Camp

Dang about the package, Sorry! I do have all my pictures
still but there was some cool stuff in that package.

This past week has been a little bit of a Zion's Camp.
Last Friday night I went to bed feeling sick as a dog. I
had the chills really bad and I was sick to my stomach.
I couldn't sleep all night because of a really bad head
ache, it felt like I had people standing on either side of
my head. It wasn't the funnest night and I really didn't
get any sleep. When the alarm went off at 6:30 I was
feeling worse, and I didn't know how I was going to be
able to work that day. After a long morning I had Elder
Schulte gave me a blessing so that I could go out and
work. After the blessing I threw on a tie and went to
work. It was a very long day, and I ate hardly anything
because I knew it wouldn't stay down. When I returned
home that night I realized it was fast Sunday. Well after
two days of no food and very little sleep. I was ready to
kill over and give up but then the thought of Zion's camp
came into my mind and I realized I didn't have it that
bad. Unlike lots of other people I'm able to return home
to food every night, it was a really sweet experience, and
it's a real eye opener. Oh and I woke up this morning
feeling like a champ, blessings, blessings, blessings.

So I was thinking about Thai food the other day and how
if you only could see it you would die. I was watching a
lady make my food. She grabbed some meat that had
probably been there for hours and hours in a little bowl
sitting in the sun and was starting to change all sorts of
colors. While she was cooking it I realized, at the market
it was probably out in the sun for another day or two.
After three days of in the sun and I'm still eating it. it's
a little different than a hot pocket -if it's frozen cook it
for three minutes and your eating a perfectly safe and
delicious meal. This now seems so normal to me, it's
crazy! oh beautiful Thailand!!!!!!!

I can't even believe the dating that is going on back
home... Tara you started it, and now look at all you girls.
I think I'm with dad on this one, "you can't date till you
married" (insert son giving his dad a high-five here) you
all just keep in mind that marriage is out of the question
until next June..Just kidding! It sounds like your all
having a great time and are staying busy. Way to be,
take advantage of life, live it, love it!

An update on our investigators: we have tons of people
who we are trying to see on a weekly basis. we've had
a couple lessons where we had to tell them that they
had a choice; learning with us, or smoking and drinking.
I've never hated alcohol so much in my life. This is
something that comes straight from Satan's workshop.
I've seen so many of the most respectful people, turn
into people with no self worth, who don't care about life,
who all of the sudden turn on their wives and treat them
worse than the dogs in the streets. It's one of the
hardest things to see because I see their divine
potential, I know what they could have, and how bad
their going to regret their decisions when they stand
before their loving Father in Heaven and see their life
and realize that because they chose a temporary, fake
happiness in a bottle, they are going to miss what their
Father has in store for them, which is something so great,
happiness so rich, that the mortal mind can't even
comprehend it. How grateful I am to know these divine
truths and can pattern my life after them so that I
don't miss "the greatest gift of all the gifts of God"
Well that was preachy, but that's all I do now =) I love
you all so much, and keep you in my prayers.


PS. Happy Valentines Day to all my princesses back at
home and to you mom. I love you all so much.

PS. Could you tell Camille congratulations for me and
tell her she has to (no choice) send me a wedding

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