Monday, October 18, 2010

Seeing Thailand the first time all over again

October 18, 2010
You would not believe all the changes that have happened the last week and the responsibility level I have now.

Yes I moved out of my last area and whitewashed (both of the elders here left and we came in) a place called Udon which is in the north-eastern part of Thailand. I’m also training another missionary named Elder Hanni who is from Sandi Utah. He’s such a stud and we're having a great time biking around lost all day trying to figure everything out. The zone leaders in this area moved to another area and I was put in their place as a District Leader. I'm now over most of the old zone as the district leader. All the missionaries in my District have been in Thailand under 6 months and I’m supposed to train them all. It's not like way huge, I’m only over four companionship's, but it's a lot and I mean a lot. The areas in my whole district are really struggling right now and I’m trying to help everyone as best I can. It's great though because my calling is taking so much of my brain power right now that I totally forget about myself (one less person to worry about=)) I really do love it, and know that this is really going to change me even more. I know I’m being compelled to be humble and have to trust in the lord for everything.

Leaving my last area was actually a good experience. I had the opportunity to give people "last words of wisdom" before leaving, I think it was hard for some of our investigators but during the conversations it strengthened their faith and desire. It’s like always in life "change" brings about reflection and makes us think. Sometimes when things become "normal" all of the time there is no progression made, and the time begins to be wasted. The whole purpose of Gods plan is change: we come to this life as imperfect beings and our goal is to become like Christ. Our investigators sometimes get to be such good friends that it becomes a fun visit when we come over instead of a learning experience. Missionaries change but the Gospel doesn't, when the gospel is the only thing not changing it forces them to take hold of it and once they do that they begin to know just how much they need it. Oh, missionary work is so good.

Training is so great, and Elder Hanni is such a great missionary; it great being able to introduce him to all the crazy food. This Sunday we had pig intestines and rotten fish salad, I said "eat it first and then I’ll tell you what it is". I forget just how crazy this beautiful place called Thailand is after being here so long, but now I’m again seeing all the weird bugs and plants again and appreciating all the beauty even more. I’ll have to send you pictures next week.

I love you all

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