Sunday, October 24, 2010

busy, busy, busy

Hey Family
Do you remember how I told you that while I was in Korat that I was over 180lbs? Well I’m afraid your son will not be coming home at that weight, I’ll admit my goal for a while was 190 lbs. before I went home but then I became district leader and ever sense that I’ve been losing lots of weight. It’s such a sad things seeing myself slowly loose it all. I don't have time to eat at night because I’m on the phone with everybody and I’m traveling and exchanging with everybody. It’s a blast though.

This week will be way way way out of the norm. it so happens that I’ve got some training down in another province for three days, after which President Smith asked me to go interview some people for baptism in another province, the really crazy part is that I’ll be traveling all by myself. I haven't been alone for a year and a half and I’ll admit I’m scared out of my mind, I don't know how to function as a one man show. Ahhhhh!!!!

There has been some really bad flooding here in Thailand the past week and one of my last areas (Korat) is in the middle of it all. The flood is traveling through the eastern part of Thailand and is creating a lot of damage. People are being moved out and travel is outrageous. The good news is that Udon doesn't have a problem with it at all, so your little boy is safe.

As you can imagine the past little bit you have all been on my mind a lot with all the marriage stuff and other stuff back home. I honestly can't even believe how blessed I am to have all of you. I’m so excited every week hearing about how happy everybody is and in some cases how giddy everyone is. It really is a great comfort as a missionary seeing your family being taken care of back home, God isn't just taking care of me but also my family. I’ve realized more than ever how grateful I am for the great parents we have. In second Nephi 4:5 Lehi is talking to his family and he says "behold I know that if ye are brought up in the way ye should go, ye will not depart from it"... I’m grateful for parents that are still bringing us up in the right way. Oh remember, remember that their always right, those parents of ours=)

Elder Hanni and I will be exchanging companions almost the whole week due to the trainings and other stuff which is sad to say, this kid is one of the funnest people I know, we laugh all day even though I get him to eat all sorts of things and throw him into such crazy situations. He’s so "chill" about everything which is what I need with all the stuff I’ve got going on. We’re doing companionship exchanges and tonight Elder Hanni is teaching the law of Chastity (him and a member) to a 14 year old kid while his companion is teaching another lesson. He’s so nervous but I know he'll do great. Today for companionship study we reviewed all the vocabulary and reviewed how to teach it so he's ready now. He really is such a great missionary and his language is really good. He’s one of those companions you hope and pray you will get one day.
Well I’m out of time, I love you all

Ps. seriously, don't worry about sending me something for Christmas. American candy is way too sweet for me and occasionally makes me sick, and there is nothing else I need. Thanks though

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