Monday, September 27, 2010

Things are just GREAT!!!!

This week was AWESOME!!! Our focus for the past forever has been to get 20 lessons in a week this is a goal that President Smith has set as the standard of Excellence. We’ve been really close for a while and this week we finally hit it. Along with that we had one investigator for every four members at church this week (11). We now are teaching 5 families on top of everyone else we are teaching and we've got four people preparing to be baptized. The blessings of the Lord are so easy to see. The fact is when you truly give it all to Him and forget about self comfort and embarrassment the lord is able to do miraculous things. We have become one of the best areas in the mission.
I had an experience last night that really has affected me in so many ways. Our investigator Tee has been progressing very well, his family has been coming to church and the whole works but he has been frustrated over the fact that he doesn't feel like he's gotten an answer about the Book of Mormon yet. I called him about church the other day and I sensed something was wrong, the next day at church I felt something, the spirit told me there was something I needed to help him with. Just last night we went to see him with another member in our ward. We sat down and his son came over and we drew pictures and spelt words and stuff for a little bit and then we began teaching. He started talking about how he really liked this gospel and then he said my younger sister (who lives in America) told me some stuff about your church...I’ve been on some web sites and found some stuff that you didn't tell me about... he went off about how Joseph Smith, Brigham Young and many others has multiple wives. After he was done he looked at us and said "Do your members at church even know about this...why didn't you tell me?” As you can imagine I was praying for help and guidance. The member just looked at him and said "Don't you worry, Elder Parkinson knows" then they both looked at me. I felt the spirit direct me with some thoughts, we began talking about Abraham and his wives and how it's been something practiced from the beginning, according to the will of God. The spirit completely took over from there I couldn't believe the thoughts that were coming into my mind and the scriptures I was remembering.
After we addressed that issue he said ok I understand but I have one more question. "You've been promising me I would get an answer from the very beginning...why haven’t I gotten it..." he went on about a lot of stuff for a while until one point when he said "Elder how do I know you’re not lying to've come here and told me stuff, you've promised me stuff and it hasn't happened? How do I know you’re not paid to come here and tell me all of this stuff?" This hit me like a load of bricks when he said "How do I know you’re not lying to me?” Then again the spirit took over and I knew I needed to let him know again, that I knew. I’ve never born a more powerful testimony in my life I’ve never wanted something so bad, ever. With everything I had inside of me I wanted him to know I knew these things were true. The spirit really hit everyone to the core. After a while he said this will take some time to think about... after that we returned home for the evening. I went into our dressing room and fell on my knees in tears, I’ve never cried so hard in my life. I’ve never wanted anything so badly. I expressed gratitude for the help we had received and then begged for help on Tee's behalf. It’s an experience I feel is too sacred to express, but with what I can say, I was led to know that God sent us to him and that Tee was in God’s hands.
I now have come to understand what the son of Mosiah said "We could not bear that any soul should perish, yea the very thought did cause them to quake and tremble". The fact is that no matter how much we love Gods children, God loves them more and at times of need he will not leave then comfortless or unaided.
I feel like the past month or so I’ve really changed a lot. I’ve always been the "grit and bear it" type of person. The fact is my whole life I’ve been taught how to work and I really do work hard, I’ve been blessed with a dad who is the hardest worker I’ve ever seen; someone who gives it all and takes nothing for reward. This last little while I feel like I’ve become closer to you, Dad, the first half of the mission I worked because I knew it was the Lords time and that it was my duty to work as hard I was physically able regardless of broken ankles, hemorrhoids, and all of the other crazy ailments, I gave my hardest to the Lord but I was missing something. Love. I've now learned how to give it all but this time I give my heart too. When the lord says I want your whole heart, might, mind and strength, and we are able to give it to him it's like the lord promised "my angels will be round about you to bear you up". This is the work of angels, God is at the head guiding us all, it's up to us to take hold of the rod and follow.
I love you all
Ps. thanks for all the info about school; I’ll let you know pretty soon what I decide.

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