Sunday, September 5, 2010

Great mission stories

It’s great to hear from you all, this letter will be a bit short because of all the letters I wrote to all of you all but I’ll begin.

I’ll start by telling you about Buri. Every time we meet him I see miracles. He is a guard and has to work all night every night and all day Sunday. Basically any time the business isn't open he has to be there. This week we taught about the Sabbath day and how going to church is a commandment. I knew this would be really hard for him but it's a leap of faith that will only make him stronger. We started teaching him and talked about what church was and then he asked me when it was. I said every Sunday morning at 9:00 till 12:00. I just sat there and waited. It was quiet and finally he said "I think I can do it". This shocked me because people never say that to us, going to church is one of the hardest things for people but he didn't have a problem with it. He keeps saying "I want to live with Jesus again and I’ll do what I need to to go there.

Another great experience we had this week while teaching was with a man named Tee. he's been learning for about 2 months and the last couple of week he's changed and doesn't seem to be doing as well as he was. We met with him the other day. I was determined to find out what his problem was so I started asking a long train of questions in order to understand him. I was trying to ask questions according to the spirit when I felt a prompting to tell him the story about how we meet him. I began telling him about how on the night we found him we were planning on seeing someone else but we went to their house and they weren't there, I strongly felt that there was someone else we needed to find, right after that we came across his street and he invited us in for a lesson. I flat out told him "God sent us here to find you and give you this message; he wants you to live with him again and knows this gospel is the only way". One thing I have learned the past little bit is what Boldness is. With all the boldness and love I had I bore testimony, and promised blessings. By the time I stopped we were both crying (tee and I). It was a great experience for me because the more I talked the more love I felt for him and I understood more about how God loves each and every one of his children. I love his gospel so much

I love you all

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