Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Oh my what a suprise=(‏

As this last week came to an end and as I thought about all that had happened I was brought to tears. The blessings of the Lord are so easy to see when we pay attention. This week I had almost three days of training focusing on a new program coming out for missionaries which will help us perfect our teaching. It was such a great experience and I learned so many things that I have been able to apply. As part of this training we talked a lot about the doctrine of Christ and how we must use it as missionaries. President Smith asked us to start the Book of Mormon over and mark every time Doctrine of Christ is mentioned. It has been so eye opening, it's no wonder the Book of Mormon combined with the spirit is the most powerful tool we have as missionaries, this book truly is from God and has every single piece of what we need to gain salvation.

Funniest thing happened this week. During all the trainings there were three missionaries that came and stayed at our house. After planning we were all up stairs and some people were playing the guitar when someone asked me "does it smell funny?", I opened the door to downstairs and it sure did...instantly I knew our house was flooding (it had been raining really hard that day). I went down stairs to find our kitchen and bathroom full of sewer water. On further examination I found that the sewers were all so full that the water and every other not so delightful thing that goes down in the sewer came up into our house. When I say everything I mean we had everything floating in our kitchen. The house smelt so bad. We saw there was nothing we could do so I gave up and went to bed. The next morning it had stopped and the water was gone for the most part. Oh the joys=)

I’ve got to tell you about one of our investigators we meet last week. His name is Buri and he's a guard at some business thing. We went inviting one night, our plan was to go to a neighborhood so we biked there but on the way I had a really strong impression so go down this road. I was shocked because of the force of the prompting. We got off our bikes and started talking to everyone we saw in order to find who we were supposed to. After a while we I saw a man off the street a little ways but I knew I was to talk to everyone so I walked up to him and he let us sit down and teach him. To make a long story short we came back a couple days later and he had read over 150 pages in the Book of Mormon. We had an incredible lesson where I asked him a train of questions leading him to say "God is speaking to me, wow..." after that we read a scripture in Mosiah 2:41 (I think). After we read it he said "I want to live with God again, and I’m willing to follow all his commandments". Great experience!! This week we will begin trying his faith by teaching the commandments. God really does prepare people for this message.
I love you all so much

Ps. I had a question about school: of I go to school at Weber state during the summer, is there a chance of transferring to BYU in the fall? Or if I went to Weber state for summer and fall could I transfer down to BYU in the spring? I’m trying to think about what the best options are for school.

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  1. Hello! Okay so you don't know me at all, but I have a friend who is serving in the Thailand mission. His name is Elder Blackhurst. I am wondering if you have served with him or know of him. I hope you don't find this too odd. I wish you all the best on your mission. Have a great day!