Monday, August 2, 2010

This week was a week of weeks. On Tuesday night at our English class we got a call from Elder McKonkie's greenie companion saying that Elder McKonkie had just gotten into a huge accident and was bleeding really bad. The zone leaders took off and we took over teaching that night. A long story made short: he was riding his bike and hit a hole covered with water. While falling his handlebars twisted and stabbed into his upper leg cutting some really big veins. After a long process he was able to get to the hospital and received a blessing. After trying to make his body stable for a while they began surgery and through miracle after miracle they stopped the blood and he was ok. They said in the body there are 9 pints of blood and before he got to the hospital he had lost 5. I can't even begin to tell about how the hand of God was guiding the whole thing. I was able to stay in the hospital with him for about two days while he was recovering, and now he's back home. I still can't even believe the positive attitude of Elder McKonkie through the whole thing, that kid is such a stud.

Well this week another "out of the ordinary" thing happened. I got a call from one of our investigators, with a depressed voice he asked "elder can you talk for a minute" of course I said yes. I was expecting him to say he wasn’t interested or something but instead he said "I just broke up with my girlfriend" then he started to cry. uhhhhh...I didn't know how to start I hadn't been in this situation sense I was back home. I did what I could to help him but it's hard to do anything as a missionary to help him. We didn't give advice on stuff like that so it was kinda hard...after I hung up me and elder Shipley just laughed forever. The whole situation was hilarious (except for the fact that he broke up =)

Right now we are teaching this family of five and there so sweet. The father’s name is "tea" and the mothers name is "muy". We’ve been able to teach them twice and they are planning on coming to church next week. We were able to teach them about the restoration this past week. It was Elder Shipleys second lesson, and he was way excited. Before the lesson we talked about what we would teach and we decided we wanted to save the last part of the lesson to just testify and explain how this has helped up individually. The lesson went really well and the spirit was very strong. Toward the end I began to testify and then turned and looked at Elder Shipley (indicating that it was his turn) for a second he stuttered and didn't know what to say buy then he merely said "I know..." and the room filled with the spirit. He testified with such power and the family just loved it. It’s such a testimony to me that it is the spirit that teaches and not the Elder. I’ve come to realize it doesn't matter how good we speak or what we do, if we are pressing forward trusting in the Lord for guidance we have no fears, the purposed of the Lord will be fulfilled.

I love you all, sorry this is short I just got back from taking another Elder to the hospital for some shots and now I don't have time


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