Sunday, July 25, 2010

Nothing like American Candy

July 26, 2010
Man life is great! I’m training an Elder named Elder Shipley, he's from New Jersey and is a stallion. Every single day I try and throw him out of his comfort zone over and over in order to show him how capable he really is and it's been great for the both of us. Sometimes as a new missionary you don't see how well you can speak and what kind of situations you can handle. It’s great! He’s so willing and eager to grow and work hard. I’ll admit my goal for this first week was "work him to the ground" there wasn't a second of "slow down" or "take a brake". We worked like crazy and we have both seen the hand of God every day, we count our miracles every night and are blown away at the ways we are being led. We get along really well it's so much fun to almost re-live my greenie days: eating all the crazy food, making it so spicy on purpose, and all the rest!
people say that on normal days we use only about one tenth of our brain power (could be false, I don't know) but as a trainer I feel like I’m forced to use a lot more than that, it's always saying "what can I do". It's helped me change my thoughts from "me" to "them", I think it's something that has really helped me understand my purpose as a missionary more and helped me want to work even harder.
Oh I got the package, thanks for everything it's great but I don't know if I’ll have a chance to use the blue suspenders. Every time I eat American candy I forget how good it is. I loved the book with the letters from everyone.
Well I’m out of time; tell Grandpa I’m praying for him and London too.
I love you all

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