Tuesday, July 20, 2010


The baptism went great. It’s such a great feeling after teaching someone for so long and then seeing them enter into the one covenant that allows them into Gods kingdom. As I sat there after the baptism listening to Golf’s testimony my thoughts were being directed by the Spirit which is an amazing experience. I started thinking about how this baptism means I’ll be able to be with Golf and Ton for all of eternity. I think sometimes we don't entirely understand the implications of what we do in this church. When we say eternal life it's so much more then we can even remember. Sometimes I get into the mindset of "endure" till the end of the day, or till dinner but if we truly understand that everything we do has results. The people I have been able to see baptized will be with me in the next life and the happiness there is so much more then what we are able to feel here. Fear and doubt are merely tools of the adversary trying to make it hard for us to achieve our greatest potential and help others achieve theirs.

A couple days ago late at night a huge rain storm came in. We were trying to sleep but an occasional thunder or lightning would wake us up. There would first be a big burst of light followed by a huge bang that sometimes made the house shake a bit. There was one part of the night where I was laying awake thinking about my Area and what to do to help out investigators when the loudest bang and biggest flash of light exploded outside our window. It was so powerful that my whole body just hurt for a few seconds, it was the craziest feeling ever. I laid there and said "wow" and Elder Mitchell said he felt it too. Some of the thunder storms here are pretty intense.

President Smith called me yesterday calling me to be a trainer to a new missionary who is at this time flying over from America. I’ll admit I’m a bit nervous but way excited. I don’t know what happened, just a few months ago I was the new missionary and now I’m in change of teaching him Thai and about all their customs and how to be a missionary. Everything I’ve ever accomplished on my mission was only accomplished through the help of the Lord and I know this will be the same; I can’t do it on my own

Sounds like you had a great experience with that Baptist family, one of the funnest things about being a missionary is all the crazy questions you get asked and then trying to answer them using the scriptures.

I love you so much

PS. my card can't take out money from my account unless it's in checking. If you could switch that over it would be great.

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