Monday, July 12, 2010

Forgot to post last week

July 5, 2010
Well I just got back from being lost in the middle of Bangkok (man that's a big place) but it so happened that I found a tie shop and got 16 ties for about 6 dollars. The prices here in Thailand still kill me. I know I’m going to be blown away when I get home and have to pay more than one dollar for a full meal. But I think I’ll get over it =)
GUESS WHAT??????? This Sunday we are going to be having a baptism. His name is Don he's about 30 ish and is the most prepared investigator I’ve ever had. He knows the gospel better than most members. He always is talking in church and participating in class he says "Well if I want to learn I need to be involved". I’m telling you this man is teaching me as well, I now talk a lot more in church=) he really is sacrificing a lot to be in this church, his family are all catholic and are really high up in the church and don't like what he's doing. I wish you could hear his testimony and just talk with him. I’ll send you pictures.
This last week has been a real challenge for us. But it has really helped me appreciate hard times and challenges in life. We read in the scriptures that we are given challenges to make us strong. I think this week has been one of growth for us; we did everything we could to work as hard as we could but day after day appointment after appointment fell through and our "results" were really bad. In all reality I wasn’t stressed about it because I know Gods in charge and that his will will be done. This Sunday we had 6 investigators at church which is something we've never done before. Oh the blessings. I just love this gospel and the fact that Gods work will not come to naught (d&C 3;1)
Sorry this is short, it seems that the longer I’m here the less time I have. I love you all

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