Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Must be time for moving

I'll admit I about went through the roof with excitement when I got the letter from Christena as well. I was also having a bit if a stressful day and it really helped me as well. It’s so crazy to see how my whole family, all my cousins and everyone I know is changing so much, every time I get pictures I’m just blown away.

This area when I first got here was really low and it's been a long process of learning the hard way how not to do things but through the tender mercies of the lord I think I’m finally learning how to be an affective instrument in the hands of the Lord. Our area has been exploding the past month or so. We have seen so much growth as far as lessons and people at church. As has been the pattern in the past it means it's about time for me to move but we'll see.

Jesse (the transvestite) is progressing really well, it's been a really hard thing for her but she really has a desire to change. I’ve never had to be so bold in my life. I’ve learned to teach in a way to leave out all questions: "this is how it is". OH something else I wanted to tell you about one of her prayers. I knew she was a man but she didn't know I did. One day she said something about how she had something that if she were to tell me she would have to kill me. A couple weeks later after we talked about her uniqueness she was praying and said "I know I said that if I told Elder Parkinson about my problem I would have to kill him but I promise I won't smoother him with my pillow..." the reason I think it is so funny is because she is more girly than any other girl I’ve ever meet. Maybe it's one of those things you have to be there for. Teaching Buri and Tee about the commandments has been so much fun and now every one of them has a baptismal date in the next couple of months. I seriously can't even describe the miracles I see every day and the help we have received from the lord.

Thanks for the info about collage; it's something that has been on my mind a bit due to the fact that School is one of the next big decisions for me. I’ve been thinking about what to study. Do you know what kind of classes they have at the BYU extension in Salt Lake and the Utah State extension in Brigham City regarding law, and engineering?

About the suit, it's all done and at the house. It only takes a couple of days but it would be one of those things you would want to do when you came over here. You get to go fabric shopping and after that you take it to a shop on the street and a couple of days later it's done.

Well I’m out of time; I love you all so much

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