Monday, September 13, 2010

Great Success

September 13, 2010
Hey Brittan happy birthday...I can't believe your already 17...ahhhh! You are all getting way to old way to fast. Just you take it east as far as the boys are concerned.

Elder Shipley and I had one of the funniest experiences this week. We were out inviting when we came across this old man. Elder Shipley went over and started talking to him. He wouldn't even look at us, which is typical as Dad well knows so we decided to just give him a pass along card. Elder Shipley kept talking to him. His neighbor saw us and informed us that he was deaf. We talked to him for a good minute and he didn't have any idea we were there.

Oh the miracles that have happened over the last week. Our area is exploding. We really have been blessed to have the success we are having. We are teaching like crazy, we have lots of people progressing toward baptism, and we have a lot of people at church. This last Sunday we had ward conference which involved the stake leaders. One of our investigators (tee) has been really struggling getting answers and having the faith to change. In Priesthood the stake president got up and posed a question "all other churches, regardless of who, profess that they have the do we know?" people started saying we can pray, he then say "I’ve meet with tons of preachers who say when they pray they feel something as well, and take it as an answer from God" this made everyone really think. Finally he said "prayer isn't requires studying in the scriptures as well and following God before we get an answer". Tee then raised his hand which shocked me to death. He began to express his concerns and questions. Everyone in the room turned all their attention to him and answered him in a loving powerful way that cleared up his concerns. The spirit was so strong. I can't express the gratitude I felt after trying for two months help him find these answers, I think about him all day and what I can do to help him. When I finally saw it "click" for him I couldn't keep the tears of gratitude from flowing.

People tell us "you would be of more worth if you gave up on religion and just taught us knowledge", the fact is this is the greatest knowledge anyone could ever have. With a knowledge of God our vision expands to what life really is and what God has in store for us, it's something textbooks can't teach, professors of religion can't prove but if we want to know it is through the spirit that we will know "the truth of all things"

I love you all

Ps. I just went and got a custom suit and some custom pants cut today and could use some more personal money to pay for it. After everything the pants were 11 dollars and the suit was about 60 dollars. Dad I’m telling you, you should totally consider having me get you some.

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