Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Not without the spirit

First off to answer everyone’s questions...I haven’t gotten the packages yet, but I will be going to Bangkok this Thursday and should be able to pick them up. Elder Tom (my Thai companion) will be moving and we are going to be taking him to Bangkok at 2 in the morning. It’s so sad I’m going to miss him so much, he's so funny, I’ll send you pictures.

Yes it's true I’m now officially 20, what a weird thought. For my birthday I got a call saying that the woman I was going to be baptizing wasn't going to be able to get baptized because of "something". She has to interview with someone else and then hopefully in a couple of weeks she will be able to be baptized. I’ll admit it was a sad day for all of us because she's had such a hard life and it finally looked like everything was going right for her. It’s okay though, God is in control and all will be just fine.. Isn’t it great to be able to say that and know it's true! I love this gospel!

For an update on boo (the lady we meet a couple of weeks ago). She now has a date to be baptized in about a month and is progressing great. She has a testimony and has already finished the book of Mormon and is starting over, it's so amazing to see the power of that book.

That’s great to hear about all the dating that's going on back home, and all the "experience" you are all having. It’s a bit scary when I hear missionaries talk about how their sisters, brothers, girlfriends, cousins and everybody else seems to be getting married. Now just realize that all of these guys still have to be interviewed by me, and he will have to go haul hay or put out a fence with me just to make sure he measures up, or at least comes close to my sisters.

This week we had a lesson with a way sweet guy named "wade". he was an attorney for six years, after which he became a judge over this whole city, meaning...he can talk and I mean prove his point every time. we started talking about the restoration and he said "that's just like Buddhism" we said a few more things and then he started talking and did he ever talk he was comparing all religions and saying they all were the same and that there was no true "religion" rather good thoughts that teach us how to be happy. Every time we tried to talk or say something he would turn it around on us. It was there that I learned something: words don't convert anyone, physical proof is so weak, and it is the spirit that converts. Finally we said "we can't change your heart and beliefs but the spirit can. It’s such a powerful concept.
Well I’m about of time I love you all and can't wait to talk to you in a couple of weeks. Keep it up

PS. I haven't heard anything about mother’s day yet, but I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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