Monday, April 19, 2010

Water Fight!!!!!

WHAT!!!!!! RM's yeah I don't think so, not in my house. You can just send him out with and kick in the pants and say come back next May... ok now that the ground rules are set up...who is this kid? Where did he go on his mission? Where does he live? Does he think he's bigger than me (hahahaha=))? I need info... oh yeah, info!!! Ok now that the brother in me is all out I will say: that's great, how exciting! So tell me all about it!

Hey Brittan congrats on the foot zoning thing, I have no doubt that I’ll come home with all sorts of problems and funny things inside me and I’m sure you'll fix me up just fine! Tell me more about it!

So an update on the family we met at lunch: we haven't been able to meet with them yet due to a Thai holiday called sonkran where the whole country shuts down for a water fight. We will be seeing them this week. The lady we meet on the street is doing great, and wants to be baptized, she came to church and said "this is the church of God, I feel so good here". She’s 40ish years old and has a family; the sisters are working with her right now so I’ll keep you posted!

I can't wait to tell you this, but I must preface it first: so this Saturday it's my birthday right...well...I’m going to be baptizing a lady Saturday morning. There couldn't be a better birthday present then that. She’s one of the sister’s investigators who is so great. She’s 30ish and has a little boy. Her name is "May". I’ll admit she's been in my thoughts and prayers a lot lately because of "stuff" that's been happening in her life. She’s been an investigator for a long long time and I’m so excited for her. When she asked me to baptize her I about started to cry, this is someone who has come a long ways and is such a great example of faith.

Ok, so to tell you about his holiday here in Thailand called sonkran. I honestly don't know how to paint the picture for you; there aren't words to describe this holiday. Take all 62million+ people in Thailand and put half of them inside the back of a bunch of trucks with 55gal drums of water and buckets; now take the other half of them and put them on the streets with squirt guns and even more buckets of water. Then take about every stereo system in the country and turn it up as loud as you can. Give everyone a bottle of powder (to put on people faces), throw two white guys in the middle, and then press "play"... it's out of this world!!!!! We were able to go out and play for a day and it was a blast. There were times that there were so many people around me that I couldn't move and every single person is going for the young white guys. It was such a blast. I was so sunburned and soar the next day but man was it ever a riot! another thing they like to do is put ice in the buckets of water so that isn’t extra cold which sometimes feels good but bucket after bucket after bucket gets a but chilly! This holiday lasts for three days. We were able to play for one day but the other two we were asked to try and work. We had a couple of appointments that normally take about 15 minutes for travel that turned into over an hour both ways. In white shirts and ties, nothing on us was dry and our faces and arms were covered with different colored powder (sometimes mixed with water which makes this mush stuff). We were a sight to see I’m sure. I wasn't able to get any pictures because if I would have taken out my camera it would have been destroyed, sorry!

How are grandma doing, and the McKay boys?

I love you all, keep it up


Ps. As far as safety, yes, I’m safe nothing is going on here in korat right now so no need to worry or lose any sleep.

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