Monday, April 12, 2010

Miracles and more miracles

Just to let you know everything's good here, this country is a little crazy at the moment and there have been some pretty scary stuff but I'm safe and loving life. It's one of the weirdest feelings walking down the street with army personnel all over the streets and bridges with their guns and such. It's really got me thinking about how glad I am to live in America; we really do have it too good. Here there are mobs everywhere, and a civil war going on down south, it's quite a topic of conversation with everyone over here. But don't lose any sleep over it, I'm safe and haven't been kept from working=)

I've got to tell you about another miracle that happened this week. We were going to find an investigator when we got lost, we called him up to ask where we needed to go and he gave us directions. After a long time we were able to find the place where we thought he told us only to find out we were nowhere close to where we were supposed to be. This has happened so much throughout my mission that my first thought was "Who are we here to talk to?" There must be some divine reason for us being here. We began to walk around when I saw a lady on the side of the road. As I walked by I said "hello", her response was "I've been looking for you". Not a typical conversation starter for Thailand. I asked her how she knew "Elder" she said I received a Book of Mormon about 6 months ago from you, I've read it and I know it's true. She then began to tell us her story about how she was a member of the "Seventh Day Adventists" church when she started reading the Book of Mormon. "I read it and knew it was true" She then went in and showed it to her preacher who said "it's from the devil". She wasn't about to take that from him and started defending it and saying this was the word of God. "I then left that church and have been looking for you ever sense". The sisters are now teaching this lady and she's doing great.

Another story...yesterday we were inviting when we decided it was time for lunch. We headed over to a "rice-with-chicken" stand and ordered our food. After getting some water we sat down and began to eat. After a few minutes I noticed a family sitting a few tables away and their son kept looking at me. This happens all day here so I did my typical "pull a funny face and smile". This little kid then got up and walked over to me and said (in English) "hello...can you teach me about God?" I wasn't sure if I heard him right but I grabbed out a picture of Jesus Christ and handed it to him. He eagerly grabbed it and began to read. We began talking to him again when his mom came over and said "Can you teach him about God?" we started talking and said we would love to. She said he saw Jesus Christ's name on your name-tags, and wanted you to teach him. She began telling us this story about how her son was once really sick for a long time, one day he just got better and said "God healed me". The lady then said "I don't know about God or who he is, but my son keeps asking questions about him and I can't answer them. We then set up an appointment to teach the family. This work is so great and I love it to death.

Oh and tell the McKay's I'm praying for Colton and Jacob too. So isn't it too great to know that God is in charge of everything and that in all reality everything will be okay. This gospel is so great.

I love you all so much

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