Monday, May 3, 2010

Happy Birthday!!!

May 3, 2010
Happy Birthday!!!!!! It sounds like you had a great time; I hope you got enough cake and ice cream! It’s crazy to think of how fast everyone back home is aging. You’re all going to be old when I get home if you don't slow down!

So about the long waited Mothers day phone call...the number you'll need to call is 01166815540217. If you guys could call me at 9:00 am Monday morning (my time) which I think is 7:00 Sunday night for you or something like that. I hope that works for you guys! I can't Wait!!!!
Thank you so much for the package, I can't even believe how good American candy is, it something I’ve gone so long without that every single piece blows my mind. I hope you all know just how lucky you are to eat that stuff! The socks are a life saver, I can't even believe I was almost out of socks to use, when they said 24 pair they meant at least 24 pair!

Elder Tom moved this past week to a new area called Bankapi down in Bangkok. We miss him a ton. It’s so great having a Thai companion, you learn so much about not only the language but about service. Service is something that is such a part of Thai culture. Day after day Elder Tom would take out lots of his personal time at nights in order to help me and Elder Dearden with whatever. I’ll miss him a ton!

So our trip to Bangkok was great and wasn't a real problem we weren't affected by the Red shirts at all! We did travel from 1 to 6 in the morning so it was mostly settled down by that time. It’s kind of a scary deal all the stuff that's going, but hey I'm safe and loving life!

This past week we have gotten a lot done here in Korat, the branch this week had 94 people at church which is incredibly high including 7 investigators from us and the sisters. It was such a great sight to see with almost every chair full. The investigator and new member class was packed and I mean packed! It’s the greatest sight in the world!

President Smith gave a really great talk this past week to the missionaries. He started talking about the red shirts and about the confusion and worries in the world of which the Author is Satan. He talked about how we are Christ’s royal army and send in to fill the gap. Satan throws fear, worries, danger, and temptation everywhere, as he does this people reach out for help, for anything to deliver them... this is where we take their hand, introduce them to their Savior and help pull them out of the pit of sorrow and confusion that they are in. it's so wonderful to be a part of this royal army, to be on the front lines battling for freedom of the soul, hopefully giving everything I possibly can! Oh man I love this gospel. I just finished Alma and I’m now reading in Helaman. The testimony I have gained of the book of Mormon has grown so much. It truly is the word of god, and a road map for us in this life

I love you all and can't wait to talk to you in a week!

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