Thursday, December 3, 2009

We're up for the challenge!!

Hey family!!!
To answer your question, no my companion isn't a zone leader; we
just had a lot of stuff with the zone these past few weeks.

I have another food to add to the "what the heck am I eating" list:
chicken intestines, yeah I know, what a treat right! But I will have
you know I finished a whole plate of them. Not terribly glorious but
not too bad=)

This past week we had the opportunity to be taught by a member
of the 70. It's Elder Pratt, and what a spiritual giant he is. He gave
us a wonderful talk on the spirit and how to recognize it in our work.
It was so powerful and it has changed the way I think about
missionary work. We also had the opportunity to be taught from
President Smith. The examples that I have in this work are amazing
and teach me so much. As a mission the baptismal rate per person
had dropped a lot over the past while and so they aren't going to be
sending as many missionaries here. In February we will have dropped
from 150 ish to 92 missionaries. It's hard to see but it's a great
opportunity to really give everything to this work, it's a lot more
responsibility but after seeing the kind of missionaries we have here
I know we're up for the challenge.

I think I'm finally feeling somewhat comfortable in the language, I feel
like I can teach what I want and can understand just about
everything (in lessons, with the gospel vocabulary). Just making
conversation with anyone is still a bit hard but I'm amazed at the
growth that I've had. A lot of the time I can walk away from talking
with someone and they would think I had been talking Thai for years,
it's a great feeling!

I’m so glad to hear you all had a great Thanksgiving, and that you
got to spend time together. It was a bit different here as you can
imagine. We had the opportunity to go to a member's house that is
from America and is way rich. As soon as they opened the door for
us to walk in I didn’t know what to do, I was standing in the
weirdest environment: I was standing on carpet and there were
couches and a piano. I’ll admit it was quite the culture shock =) I
didn’t know how to use the fork, it took me forever to finish
everything because I couldn’t use the knife and stuff, how

As far as the phone call, I haven’t been told anything, I have no idea
what’s going on. Sorry I wish I knew more!

So this man sitting next to me at this computer has been looking at
porn for quite a while and finally I couldn’t stand it anymore. I took
a picture of Christ and set it up by his screen without saying
anything. You could tell he knew who it was, he laughed a little bit
because he felt stupid but now he has stopped. It’s amazing now
the very thought of Christ can stop people who don’t even believe
in him from doing such stupid stuff. I see it over and over after
reading the name on my chest they hide the beer, throw away the
magazine or change the way they are talking with their wife. It’s
amazing the power that comes from one simple name. Jesus Christ!

Well I’m out of time. Thank you all so much for your examples, I love
you all so much.


Ps. I won’t be able to send any letters this week, I’m sorry.
pss Side note, could you send me a couple pictures of me playing
lacrosse, people here don't understand it very well and it's way hard
to explain.

Pss. The man who was looking at the porn just thanked me and left.

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