Thursday, December 10, 2009

That last step was a doooosy!!!

Think of the most beautiful piece of nature you've ever
seen. OK now times that by an infinite number and you
will be standing with me two days ago at the foot of
seven waterfalls. I can honestly say I didn't think it was
possible for nature to be that beautiful. I was there for
a couple hours and I still can't fathom it all. We went
up to these waterfalls back in the jungle the other day
with a group of missionaries; monkeys, huge butterflies,
and vines, and I mean "Tarzan" style vines. It was such
a cool experience; I'll have to send you pictures.

OK, I must tell you something that I wouldn't normally
tell you due to the nature of the news but I promised
mom that I would tell her absolutely everything if I ever
got hurt. Ahem... do you remember all the countless
ankle injuries I've had throughout my life? Well the
other day I was walking down a trail and there were
two big rocks ahead and I thought what a sweet picture
it would be if I were standing on top of those rocks. I
got to the top of one of them and didn't get the
picture so I decided to jump to the second one. There
were leaves on the top of the other rock but I figured
that there was rock under them so I jumped about 5-6
feet on to this other rock. It so happened that the
leaves were covering a hole in the rock. I came down
and my ankle twisted and I just dropped to the ground.
I didn't want to act like I was hurt so I just sat down
for a minute and then started on my way. I already feel
like I don't have time enough to get all the work done I
want to so I thought "I'll tough it out" (I know what
you're thinking mom..."Stupid boy") I could hardly walk
across the room, and walking out on the streets killed
me (although people gave me all kinds of free food
because I was a hurt American that can speak Thai).
I've gone through two days of this and finally decided
I couldn't take it. I broke down and called Sister Smith,
but just my luck their phones are all off. My foot is all
sorts of colors and is huge; but have no worries. If two
men who were almost too weak to stand can stand up
in the back of a wagon and shout back to their
families then I can walk on a hurt ankle for a couple

Oh PS don't worry about sending me any medicine, I
have plenty.

So something else you won't believe. I LOVE THE
PHONE. There is nothing more fun than calling people
and trying to figure out what they're saying. Any chance
I get to call someone I do, big change from back home.
"You're doing it peter (Elder Parkinson)"

Culture fact: there is this thing here called buading
(English translation). It's where a boy will go to be a
monk for a minimum of 15 days. It's supposed to bring
their parents good luck and give them what they call
"bhoon" which means in their next life they will come
back as something better; meaning that they will
come back as a horse in the mountains instead of a
working horse. You wouldn't believe all the culture over
here that is so different then back home.

Tell Mychel congrats for me. I've kept her in my prayers
and am so glad everything went as well as it did.

Well I'd better go; I love you all so much. Keep it up!
Tyrel/Elder Parkinson

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