Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Yep, it's broken.

Yes it's true. The sad truth is that my ankle is broken but have no
fear I've been doing everything you said (with the oils) already
and it's feeling a ton better. It's a little hard to hobble around
Thailand with a cast and crutches but it hasn't slowed me down at
all, we've still been able to work. You would not believe the crazy
medicine people are giving me all of the time, I've gotten oils,
beans they tell me to eat, it's great but sometimes a little scary
because I have no idea what they're giving me. Hopefully I don't
start growing feet out of my head or something.

Well tomorrow I will be getting a new companion, which is good
I guess, but I'm going to miss Elder Evans so much, we have had
some great times and really work and teach well together. I'll
admit I'm a bit sad about the whole thing, but the mission is all
about change, and who knows what President Smith has in mind.

That's so crazy about all the snow back home, I must admit I'm a
little jealous as I'm sitting here with sweat rolling down my face.
Christmas here is a bit different than back home, first there's no
snow, and second there really isn't any Christmas. They don't
even celebrate it. I've got it good because unlike most missionaries
I don't walk out the door to hear "Merry Christmas" every day.
This past week we had our stake Christmas party. It was a blast.
The elders were asked to sing a song as part of the program. They
had me sing tenor which I'm not very good at so I was a little
nervous. When we got up there to sing the man come over and
put the microphone right in front of my mouth and then the
music started to play...well, I sang the song and when I got
down people kept coming up to me and saying "we sure heard the
tenor part". Basically I sang a solo, how embarrassing is that,
ahhhh! Good thing all of the elders look the same (except for I
was the only one on crutches) because people might forget it
was me.

We have an investigator whose name is "go". We just started
teaching him a couple weeks ago and at first he seemed like an
average investigator who was going to take awhile but all of a
sudden last week he came up to me and said I want to meet with
you tomorrow, and if course I said OK sweet! The next day we set
a baptismal date and he was way excited about it, the date is a
ways away because after school he wants to "buid" for his family
which means become a monk for 15 days in order to help them in
the next life. His mother wants him to do it for her. People aren't
looked to highly upon if they don't "buid". He hasn't been able to
come to church because of school, but we just found out that he's
been traveling to another one of our churches every Sunday to go
to church later in the day. I'm so excited for him and I can tell that
he had been prepared. I hope this makes sense I was about half
way through and it all got deleted so i had to type it really fast.

I love you all so much. Merry Christmas.
Tyrel/Elder Parkinson

PS I haven't heard anything about the phone call on Christmas yet,
I should find out tomorrow I think. Sorry I wish I knew more.

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