Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Miracle

I can't even tell you how excited I am for this phone call. YEAH YEAH
YEAH!!!!!!!!!! Right now I'm getting emotional because of how excited I am
to hear all your voices again. We don't have reception in our apartment so
we'll be at the church when you call. The time I have been allotted is 7 in the
morning here which would be around 5 on Christmas Eve evening. The number
you'll need to call is 01166815567533. I'll be waiting with baited breath.
whoot whoot!

So about the ankle, what a miracle! When I went in and got it looked at I was
told to come back in a week to get the real legit cast put on, and for more
x-rays. I was told that it could be months before I could walk again. "Months"
I thought, "I can't do this for months", the work here is really hard with two
good ankles. That next week I prayed a lot and I worked as hard as I could
to be worthy of blessings. I'll admit there were days when touching my armpits
would make my want to cry and I would go out like that and track for hours
on end. I wasn't going to waste any of this, already far too short, time I have
as a missionary because of some injury. A couple days ago we went in to the
hospital to get the next cast and for the x-rays. I got in and they took the cast
off my leg, and looked at me with shock, they started to touch it and move it,
they asked me if it hurt to which I responded "no". The doctor was shocked
and didn't know what to do. He said "We should probably still keep it in a
brace," I of coarse said "No sir, I'm fixed already". I'm now out every day
walking without a limp. What a miracle, from broken, to not even a limp in a
week. I don't know about what others are thinking right now but I'm thinking
someone knew I needed some help and wanted me out teaching instead of
sitting down.

My new companion is Elder Schulte, and he is such a stud! I've never known
a missionary with so much desire to work and really help a ward progress. He
has already taught me so much and I know we are really going to help this
ward grow a ton. He is from Indiana, and is genius. He plays the Guitar and
has perfect pitch. You can make a noise and he will know the pitch instantly,
something I don't have in the least.

The work in our area is probably one of the hardest areas in Thailand people
say because of "I have no time". We end a lot of days without teaching a
single lesson (except for on the streets) because people won't show up because
of being busy. We have been working so hard trying to figure out just how to
work this area because it's different than the rest of Thailand for some reason.
We have an investigator right now named "Go" who is progressing way fast.
After meeting with him a couple times he came up to me and said "God lives,
I believe he does." He has such a desire to learn, his only problem is he goes
to school every Sunday and can't come to church. It's hard to work with but
he says he really wants to be baptized. He's so great. There have been so
many lessons that I would say, I have really been able to speak with boldness.
I have really had to "throw it down" with some people about church and the
sabbath. A lot of the time missionaries are too scared because of not wanting
to offend people but when the spirit tells you to say something, you do it and
it surprises you what you can say. Sometimes I feel like I'm about at go onto
the lacrosse field, I'm all pumped up when I go into these lessons.

Well I'm out of time; I love you all and can't wait to talk to you in a couple

Tyrel/Elder Parkinson

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