Friday, November 27, 2009

Oh, Where did she go? Oh, Where did she go?

To start out...Tara...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Just think
you're another year older and wiser too. whoot whoot!!

No news about the girl who is still in this city of 22
million trying to find me, other than she hasn't found
me, it's such a crazy deal, I keep seeing people who look
just like her popping around the corners, only after I dive
behind the garbage cans and the such do I realize it's
not her. What a crazy deal! I hope she decides to give
up the chase soon. ahhhhhhh!!!!!!

Two weeks ago I went to this temple place called the
Temple of Dawn; it is thousands of years old and is so
cool looking. From the paintings and statues on the walls
you can find out all about the history of Thailand. There
is this one place where you can climb way up on top of
this thing and look out over Bangkok. it's such a pretty
sight, and is impossible to explain, the Buddhist temples
in the midst of huge buildings, the rivers carrying people
to work, it's a little different then Ogden=) when I
started to come down from this temple I saw this
staircase that was steeper than anything I've ever seen
with a railing, and it was the only way down from way
up on top of this thing. I'll admit I didn't want to go
down and there was a group of about 10 other people
who were trying to get the courage to go down. After
awhile people started sitting down and scooting
themselves down the stairs and you had others who
would get on their stomachs and slide down backwards.
Finally it was my turn and I just grabbed hold of the rail
and walked down. It really wasn't as bad as it looked
but everyone around me was scared to death and were
about to cry. I tell you this not to make myself sound
like the fearless hero who did what no one else could
but rather to draw a comparison with my study the next
day. I started reading about Nephi's account of the tree
of life and the iron rod. I thought in a very similar
sense we all are climbing down a staircase and at times
it seems too much for us, we are scared and sometimes
are only able to sit down and just slide along very slowly,
we have some that just sit there and cry to scared to
move. Up until I grabbed a hold of the railing I was
scared too, but once I had something to hold to I didn't
have any more fear and only wanted to help others. This
is something that has really helped me realize our
responsibility as members of this church. We all have a
hold of this rod and because of that we feel safe. We all
need to help others feel the same.
sorry this is short but I'm off to an appointment. I love
you all.

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