Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I'm Moving

I got a call yesterday informing me that I’m moving. I have no idea
where yet, I’m traveling down to Bangkok again tonight (11 hour
ride) and I will find out when I get there where I will be serving. I
never imagined it would be this hard to leave an area. I have grown
to love these people so much, they have been the ones that have
helped me on those down days, they are the ones that have helped
our investigators feel welcome and who have helped teach through
example and word. Last night I said good bye to everyone. “You
don’t know just how good you’ve got it till it’s gone.” It’s hard to
imagine a better branch to serve with, and more loving members.
I also had to say goodbye to out investigators which was even
harder because that has been everything I have thought about for
three months and I want to see them be baptized so badly, they
have grown so much and have so much faith. I love them so much.
How great it is to know that this life is so short and that we have
the rest of eternity.

For the past couple of weeks we have been practicing singing for a
Christmas program. I was assigned the part of Nephi, I have a
couple of speeches I’ve been memorizing. Let me tell you what, it’s
nothing like memorizing lines for a Shakespeare play, its sooo hard
but I was just getting it when I was called to move. No more play
and no more Nephi.

This past seek there was an elder from the area right next to ours
that was called to be a branch president and had to leave last week
so his companion Elder Crowley (red head in the mtc with me)
joined our companionship. Crazy! We have been covering two
areas with three of us, lots of biking, and sore legs. I was able to
switch off with Brother Diaw (he said your friends on facebook) for
a day. It was so cool to realize that I was talking with a Thai
person all day and was able to say exactly what I wanted. Ok he
does speak I little English but it was pretty much Thai all day. I
never really notice the progress I’ve had in the language because
it slowly changes day after day but I’m getting a lot better and can
understand a lot more. I love it and am so grateful for all of your

We had a baptism last week for the sisters, and what an experience
it was. It was about an hour before it was going to start and we
went in to fill up the font and the water wouldn’t work, we tried
everything we could think of but after a good long while we went
at it with buckets and hoses. It was a long process after a long wet
hour we were able to proceed and she was able to get baptized.

I’m really going to miss my companion; we have really been able
to grow a lot together in the work. I’ll admit there have been some
hard times but I couldn’t have asked for a better companion. It’s
crazy how God gives you exactly what you need to grow and
become the person he would have you become.

I have focused on noticing the small miracles this past week and
it’s amazing to me how noticing and paying attention to how the
Savior himself works in the lives of each one of us every day. I
have been able to feel the spirit more and I know I am able to have
more faith to follow the promptings I receive because of the
knowledge that I am being led by a loving father in heaven.

I love you all so much, keep it up and continue being examples to
those around you
Elder Parkinson

PS. Could you send me some Josh Groban CD's and the prince of
Egypt soundtrack

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  1. The car is a taxi. Looks like they needed one more.
    The other pictures are of some of the members that he will greatly miss.