Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bangkok here I come

Wow what a week from the beautiful city of Ubon into the heart
of Bangkok, what a change. I’ll admit I’ve been told stories about
how much everyone hates being in Bangkok so I was I little
disappointed but after only a couple hours I have fallen in love
with this place. It’s so different but people actually speak Thai
which is great because that’s the language I’m supposed to be
speaking =) the city is called Thonbury, and is one of the two
areas that don’t use bikes due to the amount of traffic.
My new companion is Elder Evans, and is the biggest stud in the
world. He is about six foot four inches tall and weighs about
210 lbs. Yeah I come to the land of small people to
be with a giant, ironic isn’t it =) I’m so impressed with him, I’ve
never had more spiritual lessons in my life, I feel like we are a
powerful team and will do great things.

I absolutely love the members here, they are so kind and
getting to know them is so much easier then my last area due to
language complexities is the past area. My first day we came
home with five bags of food from members. They are so giving
and I love them to death. I’m finally getting to where I can say
just what I want in our lessons and I keep getting complements for
how long I’ve been here. It’s such a good feeling going from
greenie, to having people say “what? You’ve only been here for
3 months, you speak very good” I’m not going to lie I kinda like
it =).

I’m so glad you are all doing well back home, and getting
ready for Christmas, it’s really weird to think it’s snowing at home
while I have hot sticky sweat sticking to me all of the time. I got
you all something for Christmas that I will be sending home.
They're small and not much but it’s Thailand in a box for ya.
I love you all so much.
Elder Parkinson

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