Sunday, January 2, 2011

There is nothing as constant as change

The scripture in Jacob comes to my mind as I think back over this last year "the time passed by as if it were a dream", it's a Bitter-Sweet feeling that I've been getting a lot the last little bit, it's just like you said, Mom, this year a lot of things will happen. I was recently listening to a talk from President Monson and in the talk he shared the quote "There is nothing as constant as change". I guess as part of life changes happen every day, sometimes for the good, sometimes for the bad, it's all part of the trial process our Father in Heaven has given us in this life to help us to grow. President Monson urges us to "find joy in the journey NOW". The feelings I’m having and the feeling everyone has felt in life is that time is short, it won't slow down and it's up to us to seize the opportunities God has given to us in life and to make if it the best we can. It's something I’m really beginning to feel at this point of my mission because I’ve gone through a long building process where the Lord has been working with me and now I’m the best I’ve ever been and I pray every day that I can fulfill everything God wants me to with the time I have.

Speaking of changes... I got a call from President Smith informing me that I now have another area to watch over and it's my companionship that will be working there. I’m now covering two areas... yeah let’s just say I didn't sleep last night because of how stressed I was. This area is the smallest in the mission as far as members and I’m now in charge of it. This last Sunday I went there for church to get to know the members and to kinda figure out everything, I can honestly say it was one of the most spiritual sacrament meeting I’ve ever been in, me and my companion in a room with 12 other members sharing our testimonies. As I was sitting there listening to the members share experiences the spirit came to me and I started to think about the role of the spirit in the conversion process before and after baptism. There I was feeling the feeling that I pray every day my investigators will feel while they read and pray. This is the feeling I pray members will feel as they continue living their life according to the gospel and I felt like I needed to help everyone in the room understand what they were feeling. I got up and shared a simple testimony and then asked everyone to notice their feelings, I waited for a minute and then told them it's God giving personal revelation to each of them that the things being spoken are true.

Thanks for the pictures!

I love you all so much


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