Sunday, January 16, 2011

Prettiest place on Earth

Killing chickens huh? I’ll admit I’ve had a lot of "city" companions, and killing chickens is always something I bring up just because it blows their minds that we actually do it ourselves. But what can I say "I’m from the country and I like it that way". Its great being companions with Elder Black because he's also a country kid and we've done a lot of the same things. Speaking of Elder Black last night we were coming home from an appointment a little late and were flying down that road incredibly fast when the light ahead of us turned red. I slowed down and stopped but Elder Black didn't, he then t-boned a motorcycle really bad. It was quite a picture seeing him hit because his bike broke into three pieces and he went sailing over the back of the person’s motorcycle and tumbled down the road. I ran out and stopped some cars while screaming like a wild man, elder black hobbled off the road and I grabbed all three pieces of his bike and put them on the side where they wouldn't get hit. For the most part he was okay, other than some good road rash (which kills) and some really bruised hands and knees he's okay. He spent a long time in the shower picking the gravel and dirt out of his wounds. Now we gotta' figure out what to do about his bike.

I told you that we now have another area we're taking over which is so sweet, this week was our first seek there and I’m telling you it is the prettiest place on this earth I’m not even kidding. The house on the other hand is less than beautiful. There is a 12 inch gap between the walls and the roof of the house, all sorts of animals fly or crawl in and the mold and about everything from the outside eventually comes inside. I don’t think the house has even been swept in almost a year, it was so bad, me and Elder Black went in and cleaned it all up. Finding dead birds, lizards, frogs... it was an experience.

Oh by the way Elder Blacks mom served a mission in Ohio the same time dad did. Her name is Chris Accordino. Do you know her?

Love ya

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