Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Deep fried frogs (the whole frog =)‏

Yeah! I got all your letters, thank you so much! I love
hearing about how things are at home. I can't even believe
all that's going on at home: dating, 16, dance classes,
fires, and everything else. It sounds like you're just as
busy as I am.

So to answer some of the questions I was asked:
I ride my bike about 15-25 miles per day and I love it.
I'll admit it's hard going from sitting on seats at the MTC
for 3 months to a bicycle seat, it was pretty rough for the
first little bit but I'm great now.

Ubon is one of the biggest cities in the east part of
Thailand but we also have some country that is pretty far
out that we've gone to a couple times, it's so pretty, I'm
only supposed to have my camera on p-day so I don't get to
take a lot of pictures but I'll try and get you some good

My companion is the greatest! He's only got a couple months
left before he goes home (and yes he has a girl waiting,
probably one of the only ones in the mission). He's so funny
and we have tons of fun together. I couldn't have asked for
a better companion.

Food: I'll admit the food is still hard for me at times
although it's getting better. I just added a new food to my
"crazy food" list. After church a lady offered me this crispy
piece of who knows what and it was pretty big. On closer
examination I realized it was a frog. They had taken a whole
frog, killed it and fried it with everything still in and on
it. I knew I had to eat it so I said a quick prayer and took
a bite. It wasn't too bad the bones were in my teeth for a
couple hours after (because it's impolite to put your fingers
in your mouth), yes I know "What a man", right?

This week had been one of the greatest weeks of my mission.
I'm finally starting to understand what's going on in
lessons and sometimes on the streets. It is crazy to me the
growth that takes place in such a short amount of time. I
know it's not me that's learning this language I'm getting
lots of help from upstairs.

There is one line that I hear all the time, "Yes I believe
your religion is true, I believe all religion is true" it's
hard to explain how badly I just want them to have an "Alma
the younger" experience. I want to somehow show them what I
have, what this gospel can do for them in their lives. How
their fake lives of "if it feels it" don't mean
anything. I don't know how to help them see this. But this
is God's work, he is the Master and his work will not be
frustrated. "This is My work and My glory".

We have a man getting baptized this Sunday and another one
next Sunday. I love them to death, they are the greatest.
I wish so bad that you could meet them. I love watching the
repentance process. It's like a little baby opening his/her
eyes for the first time, and looking into the loving eyes of
his/her father. I love this work with all my heart, I just
wish I could do more, be better... I wish, as did Alma "that
I were an angel and could have the wish of my heart...cry
repentance unto this people..." Alma 29: 1 (i think)

I love you all so much! sometimes it's so hard to realize
just how good I've got it. I have so many people at home
that love me, I have a father in heaven and an older Brother
who died for me. Because of all of you my life makes sense,
I know who I am, and I have purpose in life. I wouldn't trade
that life for anything. You are the greatest! I love you so

Elder Parkinson

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