Thursday, September 3, 2009

Our Fearless Warrior

Hello family!
So yesterday I had this absolutely perfect email typed up, just the
right amount of humor and spirituality, and I’m not going to lie it was
flat out hilarious at parts but right as I went to send it the computer
shut down and I lost it all! But it’s a mission rule to write your parents
every week so I got to come back and try it again!
It’s so good to hear you guys are doing great, I love hearing
about you all! It’s crazy to think that I’ve already been gone for over
three months; it feels as though only a couple of days ago I was
starting out on this great adventure. Sometimes I wish I could just
slow down!
The language is starting to come; it’s crazy to think of the
progress I’ve made with the help of the spirit. Here I am talking to
people in Thai, what happened? It’s still very humbling to see how
far I still have to go but I now know all things are possible if our
hearts are in the right place. This past week I had to translate in
church for a man from America. I just about died, but it’s over and
I’ll probably do it again next week. I know it’s helping me, even
though I don’t much like looking like an idiot=)
I’ve got a story for the girls in the family, I know they’ll love it!
Just the other day Elder Write and I got back from a run, I was
walking into the shower when I remembered I had some clothes
outside drying. Dressed in nothing but my bath towel I headed out
the door. Just before I got out the door Elder Wright started
screaming bloody murder “Stop, stop…get in here now!!!” I’ve never
moved faster in my life. Expecting the house to fall I ran back into
the house. I asked him what the problem was. He pointed just above
the door where I was standing and there was the biggest spider
I’ve ever seen in my life, it was over 5 inches. I’ve never been afraid
of spiders but right then my legs started shaking and I started
sweating more then I already was. My fearless companion handed
me a slipper and said “he’s yours” and something about how fast
they run! It took me a couple minutes, but I started inching my way
over to this monstrous beast. “baby steps to the spider”. When I got
within a couple feet of the spider it turned to look right at me. All
courage was gone, I didn’t want to turn around and I didn’t want to go
forward. After a couple minutes Elder Wright started singing “we are
men, we must be swift as a coursing river, with all the strength of …,”
then after yelling a few more things for encouragement I made my
move. I sprung forward. There I was flying through the air with a
slipper for my weapon, a bath towel for my armor and my crazy tan
lines for battle paint. To my horror as soon as I jumped forward so
did the spider! We both flew at each other but the white missionary
ended up on top, and the spider got smashed. After growing a few
more chest hairs this masculine child of yours smashed it about 7
more times. What a rush, I’ll send you a picture of it.

Well, I’m no longer sick. This past week I’ve been on three
different medications. I feel better than ever so no need to worry!
I’d better run, sorry this is short I’ll tell you all about our investigators
next week. I love you all so much. I am so grateful for everything you
have taught me. God lives and loves each one of us. Christ is the
savior and redeemer of us all. This is his work and he does have a
hand in it!

Elder Parkinson

And thanks for telling me about Mychel and Dale, I’ll be praying
and fasting for them.

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