Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I Love Rice

Brittan! Happy birthday!!!!! Big 16! I can't believe another one of my sisters is in the dating pool. Keep those boys in line! I sent you a letter last week (with lots of pictures) so it should be getting there any day now.

What’s happening to all my sisters! When I left they were already the cutest girls ever; you guys better stop or else those boys won't be able to restrain themselves! I was looking at the pictures you sent me in the MTC, you have changed a lot! I didn't think it possible but you’re all even cuter!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m proud to announce that I am the cleanest missionary (that was for dad) and I cook all of the time and it’s way good (that’s for mom), OK in reality I’ve cooked three times.

The other day I sat down to eat a meal of…… you won’t believe it…Rice, but what’s weird about it was the fact that I had been craving it all day and after I was done, even though I was stuffed I didn’t want to stop eating, I loved it! It’s crazy but there are some rice dishes that I absolutely love. I know “what’s happening to my son?” It’s true he’s starting to like it! For a snack people buy a bag of sticky rice and just eat it. Yes even I have started doing the same. “Yeah, Weird!”(Name that movie)

I can’t believe how many dogs are here; they line the roads and run around in gangs creating havoc. So far I’ve only had to kick a couple who were trying to take my leg off. Sometimes in the middle of the night (or day) you’ll hear a gang of dogs killing one dog, it makes your skin crawl. They will just start eating it until it dies. The dogs are mental!!!!

Now for some more spiritual topics: we have two people who are getting baptized in the next couple of weeks. They are so great, and have such a desire to grow and become the person God would have them be. Their names are guy and boam (rough English translation) I’m so excited for them their lives really have changed so much in the past couple of weeks. And their faith is so strong; they’ve had to give up so much.

I only wish you could all come and meet some of the people over here, you can’t find a kinder people. We’ll be walking down the street and people will stop us and offer to feed us, and give us all kinds of alcohol and anything else we want. So far I’ve only had 4 people who were really rude to me (out of the ones I could understand=)). Another thing that I find so funny is the honesty of the people, if they have something to say they say it. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the sisters be called fat. It’s really funny. It’s kind of like when people hold a baby, while smiling and trying to get the baby to laugh they say “your just so fat, oh yes you are!” same idea, they mean the best but say it how it is. The kindest people in the world will be talking to you and randomly just say (right to my face) your terrible at Thai, or my favorite “your new in Thailand aren’t you” but it’s not rude at all. I sure hope I don’t come home brutally honest about everything. It’s great though because I can now understand that they’re making fun of me instead of just smiling and pretending to be following the conversation.

Last night we celebrated Elder Wrights birthday. It’s the big 21 and we’ve been trying to think of the perfect thing to do: something fun, yet a test of true manhood. Finally after much deliberation on the matter we decided that we would go and get 21 scoops of ice cream. I’m telling you I’ve never seen someone eat so much ice cream in my life. He got so cold that his whole body was shaking and he started turning purple. It was hilarious. I only had 8 scoops but it about killed me! Yeah that’s right, my companion is a stud!
So far I haven’t gotten any snail mail but the mission office sends it out every week so there’s a good chance I’ll get it soon.

I’d better go but just know that I’m doing great, this is the prettiest country, second only to Huntsville, I’m sorry my opinion of Huntsville with all the memories will always be first in my heart followed closely by Thailand. I love the people with all my heart and know that it’s going to be so hard to leave! This is the work of God, it’s amazing to see how he prepares the hearts of people and how he takes them by the hand and leads then through this hard decision while helping them come to know him.

I love you all so much
Elder Parkinson

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