Friday, October 9, 2009

Slithering Man Killer

Sorry the email is late, we were traveling to zone conference on
p-day and didn’t have time to email. I’ll begin with another crazy
food. For Sunday lunch everyone in the ward does a big potluck
thing which is always terrifying because you never know what
your eating or if you will be able to keep it down. I was offered
some soup that looked really weird but obviously I had to eat it.
It had some weird red chunks in it and I had no idea what they
were. I thought maybe liver or something because of the deep red
color. I got a chunk and put it in my mouth…not liver, it was
really weird and I had no idea what it was so I continued eating
trying to subdue the gagging reflex the whole time. After I
finished I realized after talking to another missionary it was blood
soup. They take horse blood and boil it until it clots up and then
they put it in soup and stuff. You can’t even imagine how I was
feeling after that. I had just consumed a ton of horse blood.

They're having this holiday right now called the candle festival
where they race boats down the river and there are parades
everywhere. They make there huge wax statues of crazy animals
and stuff. They parade them around followed by these big drums
that shake you to the very center, it’s quite the experience! The
fireworks are out of control, they never seen to stop, day or night.
It’s like the 4th of July every day but with way more fireworks.
Little kids are always throwing them at us for a good laugh. Gotta
love it!

this past week the sisters called as again saying they had a snake
in the house. I’ll admit I’ve never been a real fan of snakes and I
really had no idea what to expect. We went over and I was just a
shakin’ with fear. They said it was in their water cooler. We
looked but couldn’t see it. I picked the cooler up and carried it
outside trying to hold it as far away from me as I could when the
snakes head poked out. I’ve never moved so fast in my life. The
crazy thing was that it came out after me, I grabbed a broom and
tried to stop it from getting to me when it took after my
companion. It didn’t want to get away it wanted to kill us. There
were brooms and tools flying everywhere. Finally I pinned it
down with a broom and elder wright came in for the kill with a
big knife. The most scary part was the fact that it’s neck puffed
up a little bit when it came after us, I thought for sure we were
dead. But “I will survive”. It really wasn’t that big though, about
3 feet

Well, I don’t have a lot of time so I’d better end quickly. What a
week this has been as far as the language I have grown so much,
it’s amazing what a little faith can do. I’ve actually had a couple
people say that I speak very clear and not like most
missionaries, that really made my week.

We have had some really great spiritual lessons this week, we
have two more people committed to baptism and they are doing
great. I love this work, it is really changing my life in ways I
didn’t think possible.

I’m so excited for conference tomorrow, finally I will be the
student and not the teacher, weird thought, and it will be in
English, YES!

I love you all so much, you’re the greatest!

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